Item damage has internally been represented with two values Item state, and item permanent damage (or age). The permanent damage and item state will be shown to players like this:

State, from best to worst:		Permanent damage/age, best to worst:
flawless                                new
well-maintained                         fresh
satisfactory                            seasoned
used                                    well-seasoned
worn                                    aged
neglected                               old
marred                                  hoary
unavailing                              timeworn
deteriorating                           age-old
worn out                                antiquated

Now, this is important: ONLY THE STATE decides how good the item is. The older an item is, the quicker its state will go down though. So - a (flawless, new) sword, is just as good as a (flawless, old) sword.

Items that are timeworn or older cannot be mended by regular means, and have little value.

From News 2096 by Ilie.

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