The once lawful city of Tharbad has long since been abandoned to civilised use. Lying far south from Bree, along the North-South road; which the Bree-Landers call the Greenway, the city welcomes few past its gates.

Rumour has it that there was a coup d'etat in Tharbad, and a more ruthless and merciless Chief has taken power in that city of thieves.

His decree follows:

1. If you wish to live in Tharbad you may register as a citizen, upon payment of a small contribution. The secretary will calculate the amount when you ask him. Be aware that he is accompanied by guards who may still be impolite to you.

2. The gates of Tharbad will henceforth be opened in the day and closed at nightfall. Hours may be adjusted.
No human or beast will be admitted in the closed hours.

(Sidenote: The gatekeeper has carelessly dropped the hint that he is rather low on funds. It is likely he will accept monetary gifts gladly. When you are stopped by the locked gate at night, "call" and then "bribe x gold". He may just be persuaded to open for your group.)

Know however that these are but rumours.

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