Of all Sauron's servants, trolls have the greatest physical might. These huge figures may be the corrupted form of tree spirits, created by Morgoth in the Great Darkness. Trolls are normally incapable of withstanding the pureness of daylight.


The sheer might of a Troll makes them the most capable bare-handed fighters. They have extremely low thinking ability, and their bulk gives them very sluggish movement. Trolls can only play Warriors effectively.
Trolls in Mume are treated differently to most other races:

  - They may not become immortal.
  - They cannot cast spells at all.
  - They have access to no shops.
  - They do heavy damage barehanded.
  - They can not practice leadership.
  - They have the ability to see in the dark without a light source.
  - They suffer tremendous damage under sunlight.
  - A Troll will see all non-Trolls except Black Númenóreans in the
    room by their race name (*an Elf*, -Snarf the Orc- etc). The same applies
    for non-Trolls seeing Trolls. The one exception to this rule is that a 
    Troll grouped by a Black Númenórean will be able to see Orcs in their group
    by name.
Player-controlled Trolls are deemed to be of the Hill Troll, Mountain Troll or
Cave Troll strain (as opposed to Forest Trolls and Olog-Hai). Those trolls who
have reached 21st level are given the standard title Olog-Hai. This does not
mean they have swapped race. Instead it means simply what it says: Troll-Race,
i.e. a Troll. It is an honorific title if you like, saying they have
established themselves as a great troll. It is certainly better than Lord of
Trolls. Since they are not true Olog-Hai, they suffer SUNDEATH just like other

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