The Uruk-Zaugurz (or just "Zaugurz") is a tribe of Orcs who were formerly allies of the Uruk-Tarkhnarb in the Goblin Gate. After a short, but fierce disagreement, the Tarkhnarb expelled the Zaugurz representative from Goblin Town.

The Zaugurz have their home far up in the north, and are a tribe of hardened orcs who have little fear of the wintry cold of the Misty Mountains. The tribe is planning to expand their territory up north by a few wars against neighbouring tribes, and to make this possible they are constantly raiding for loot - metal, wood, leather - anything that can be used in warfare.

The Zaugurz have sworn to annihilate the Tarkhnarb tribe and their allies, the Black Númenóreans and the Trolls, as well as keeping the forces of the Free People at bay.


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