When fighting mobs or players in MUME there is a chance you may inflict or receive wounds if the blow is forceful enough. The resulting bleeding may subsequently make it difficult to perform common tasks such as tracking or casting spells.

In increasing order of severity, wounds can be light, deep, serious, grievous and critical. Depending on the severity and location of the wound, the victim may experience loss of hit points, moves, strength, endurance, precision and/or ability to concentrate. Although these wounds will heal themselves over time, a good bandage and some cleric spells can make the wound less painful or even remove it completely. Left untreated, wounds may bleed profusely and could cause an untimely death. They might also become infected.

Once bandaged, a wound will heal faster. The conditions of the bandage will deteriorate with time, so it is a good idea to replace old bandages from time to time.


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