Each communication channel on MUME has a different purpose, please use     
them appropriately.                                                        
Shout: it is reserved for short, rare, very important messages. Since      
it is impossible to turn it off, use this channel very carefully.          
Narrate: A generic communication channel, which can be used also           
for subjects which are not a question of life or death. It is supposed     
to be used for game talk and _only_ in english.                            
Sing: A channel that can be used for any kind of information,
a gossip channel.                          
Tell: One-to-one communication, in any language you feel like.             
Say: Used to talk to all people in one room, this communication            
should be in English -- unless everybody in the room feels OK about        
other languages being spoken.                                              
Yell: since it can be heard both by players on your side and on the        
opposite side, you must be careful when you yell. Going outside the        
Warrens and yelling that XYZ the Legend is alone, wounded, icy and         
exhausted at the Small Stream Crossing at midnight isn't good for your     
health, especially if what you yelled is true.                             
You can use a pet or a charmed mobile to narrate, but you should be very   
careful not to cause spam.                                                 
- Bilbo buys ten dogs and makes them narrate 'Woof!'. This is bad.         
- Bilbo charms Lobelia (unlikely :>) and commands her to sing, once,       
  "happy birthday dear Bilbo". No problem.                                 

Note that it is illegal to use non-MUME-channels (like instant messangers, IRC, ...) to go around ingame restrictions (crossrace, you are slept, ...). See also: RULES SPAM, HELP files on NARRATE, SAY, SING, TELL, WHISPER, PRAY and LISTEN.

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