Here are some examples of former policies as guidelines when you want one of the Valar to intercede on your behalf. You should find that if a ruling exists which matches your situation then that ruling will stand.

1. Crash, Lost Gear after Mobdeath

Scenario: X died and was about to go retrieve the corpse when the game 
	  crashed. Thus all the equipment X had was erased. X seeks 
Verdict:  No reimbursement.
Reason:   As X is technically dead, the idea of someone looting their own
	  corpse is not very healthy. Consider yourself lucky if you perform
	  the feat.
Subset:   X loots the corpse and then the game crashes before          
          your character saves. Thus the gear is gone when X returns.

2. Crash, Looted enemy corpse and lost gear

Scenario: X loots or attempts to loot gear from a dead mobile or enemy Y. Game
	  crashes before equipment saves.
Verdict:  No reimbursement.
Reason:   The player who looted could have been killed 1 minute later by
  	  someone willing to return the gear. Its impossible to say what would
 	  happen if there had not been a crash, so we don't speculate.

3. Pkill, Loss of Alignment by X

Scenario: Whitie X pkills Whitie Y. X loses alignment and then suffers for
          his evilness.
Verdict:  No action.
Reason:   X should know what they are doing. Pkill makes you evil, fast.

4. Pkill, Loss of Alignment by Z

Scenario: Whitie X kills Whitie or good mob Y. Z who is grouped with X, also
	  loses alignment, even though Z took no part in the pkill and was
 	  opposed to it.
Verdict:  Restoration of Z's alignment if it was significant. Removal of exp
 	  gained by Z. This only happens if Z did not have time to ungroup.
Reason:   To some extent, Z was an innocent bystander who could not react in
	  time and so should not be penalised.
Subset:   X pkills Z, causing the loss of alignment. Verdict as above. 
          This is a bug.

5. Regeneration of a Zone leading to Death

Scenario: While exploring a Zone, it regenerates, the mobiles subsequently
	  killing X (eg. locked in a room with large group of aggressive mobs).
Verdict:  No Reimbursement.
Reason:   Since these can be predicted, they are avoidable. 
Subset:   If it can be shown that an immortal was to blame for the regeneration
	  (eg. it regenned 4 mins after the last regen) then a full 
	  reimbursement will be shown. HOWEVER, don't assume this is the case 
	  unless you have evidence!

6. Server crashes, Player dies

Scenario: One of the servers to MUME stops transmitting. The character of the
	  player dies.
Verdict:  No reimbursement.
Reason:   How you connect to the game is outside the control of MUME.
Subset:   Any of a wide variety: site from where you play dies,        
          transatlantic link nonresponsive, sudden lag, your mum picks 
          up the phone etc. All same verdict.

7. MUME host server unreachable,

Scenario: The site on which MUME runs becomes unreachable from the outside 
  	  world. An imp cannot connect to rent everyone.
Verdict:  Reimbursement of exp, tps, age. Reimbursement of some eq is possible,
 	  but not guaranteed.
Reason:   In this case, MUME and its host are synonymous and so is not treated
 	  the same way as server crash.

Note: if the game can be crashed or everyone rented or the rent-cost disabled later, then this scenario does not apply.

8. Immortal wizkills X,

Scenario: An immortal kills X without just cause.
Verdict:  Reimbursement.
Reason:   Immortals are forbidden to interfere in the running of the game in 
  	  this manner.
Subset:   The player of the immortal had a grudge against X. Same as   

NOTE: The above are guidelines, and we choose to ignore them in exceptional circumstances. However, NEVER ever assume that this means you should ask in a hopeless situation on the off chance. If you have any doubts, assume we will not change matters.


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