I. General:
Sauron's list is a list of people acknowledged by Sauron as his followers, due to their chosen path of player-killing other members of the free races: Dwarves, Elves, Humans, Half-Elves, and Hobbits.

You may see the list's members by asking Sauron himself - using "tell sauron list".

A player who is on the list has Real-Death, which means when they die they lose all levels and regress to level 1. Players on the list also get very evil alignment, and find themselves rather unpleasantly hunted by the guards of the Elven towns. They possibly have other towns revoke their citizenship and give them the 'wanted, dead or alive' status.
Tharbad is exempt from this.

The reasons for the list's existence (!) are purely game-technical, and are not based in roleplaying. Simply put, we want MUME to be a suitable mixture between a chaotic PK-mud and a mud where people do not kill each other. Therefore the dark-white race war exists, and therefore massive, white-side playerkilling is discouraged.

II. Races the List applies to:
The point of having the list, is to focus the playerkilling on MUME into the good/evil conflict between the free people and the dark races (orcs, trolls, black numenoreans). The dark races were created for the purpose of letting people with an urge to player-kill do so. Darkies can kill anyone in the game with few restrictions (Sauron's list only applies to "whities" killing other "whities"), and they pay for this by suffering certain penalties.

III. Administration:
Sauron's list is administered by the Valar, and is thus subject to certain controversies regarding who gets put on the list and why etc. The most basic criteria used when listing a "suspect", is:
"If it is obvious or can be deduced otherwise that the player kills for the sake of playerkilling, list him/her".

Not listworthy: Therefore, a person who kills someone who just stole his sword, or as vengeance for some wrong within reason, will not get listed.
Legend groups/players can have their own personal wars or quarrels within reason.
Listworthy: On the other hand, someone who is continually involved in killing other people and each time uses the "I'm roleplaying" excuse, will be listed since it is fairly obvious they are into it for the sake of killing.

A player can be listed for as little as one kill, according to the criteria above, if it's obvious it was done just for the sake of killing, or if the victim was an Istar or Istar's apprentice, or if the kill was particualarly mean (no provocation at all, the attacker has a significantly higher level than the attacked character, ...).
What we want to avoid is of course the "hmm let's see I can kill 5 people with this char without getting listed" logic, that's why we leave the "limits" fairly floating - and if you want to avoid the dreaded "list", the recipe is simple: stay out of playerkilling except in clear cases, for example when someone attacks you first after little to no provocation.

You can roleplay an evil thief if you want to, but you will face the list if you kill other whities.

Attacking or killing a member of Sauron's list does not entail any punishment by the Ainur.

IV. Being on the list:
People on Sauron's list are among the worst enemies of the free peoples of Arda: therefore other people should either avoid or fight them.
Characters associating with a member of Sauron's list will soon find that helping such criminals or trading with them can corrupt them to the degree that they themselves face the dreaded List.

In almost all cases, getting on Sauron's list is a one-way trip to realdeath. It might happen, very rarely, that a member of Sauron's list will redeem himself. In these cases, the character might be given a new chance - after proving himself worthy of the Ainur's pardon. A pardoned pkiller who reverts to his murderous habits will be considered hopeless, and will stay on Sauron's list until death finally takes him.

Should a Legend make it to Sauron's list without getting logged for longer than a Real-Life year, it might happen that those characters simply fade away (read: they might get deleted). The reason is that getting on Sauron's List is (very probably) the end of your character - one way or the other.

V. Character Separation:
While you might be angry, always adhere to RULES SEPARATION! Violating this in a case of heated white-side pk is going to get harshly punished.


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