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Playing MUME!

Remember to check out our newcomers page for a lot of useful information once you have connected to MUME!

From your browser

The web client is the simplest option, recommended if you want to get a quick feel of the game. Also, it should work from most corporate/school networks, whereas MUD clients (below) may not.

For older browsers, you can also try this client.

With a MUD client

This is the most powerful option, but it may require installing and configuring software on your computer.

If you already have a MUD client, just connect to port 4242 and you are ready to go. Check out the Newbie Section for a first advice what to do in the game. See below for a mapper (interactive map).

Otherwise, download a bundle (for Windows) which contains the client jmc, mmapper2 (interactive map), and the basemap (without hidden doors). It comes with a nice .bat-file that lets you start the programs and connect to MUME with just one click.

Watch the video tutorial below if you need further guidance:

With a MUD client (advanced)

You can download a Client here. Most MUMErs use Powwow (Linux), PowTTY, or JMC (Windows), but any MUD client will work fine.

Download mmapper2 to visualise the game from Find a basemap for mmapper2 (without secrets) here.

Watch the video tutorial below for an example setup with PowTTY and mmapper2: