[Instant Command]

This command allows you to define abbreviations for long commands frequently used, thus minimizing your typing.

Usage: ALIAS <word> <expansion>
  - If no arg       : the alias list is displayed.
  - If just one arg : that alias is removed
  - If two args     : <word> is made an alias defined as <expansion>.
  - "alias please remove all of them" (sic!) automagically
    removes all your aliases
  - You cannot define "alias", or any of its abbreviations except "a",
    as an alias

The character "&" (ampersand) acts as a placeholder for arguments to your alias. The rest of the line (after your alias) is inserted where & is found in the definition.

If <expansion> does not contain any "&", any following words will be added to the end of the command.


 > alias dw drink water
     dw -> drink water
 > alias ko kill &.orc
     ko 2 -> kill 2.orc
 > alias rb ride behind
     rb gandalf -> ride behind gandalf

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