This is the list of all game commands:

!               cr(y)         hin(ts)      pray        spa(nk)
'               cri(nge)      his(tory)    pro(tect)   sq(ueeze)
,               cru(sh)       hit          puk(e)      st(and)
-               cu(ddle)      hk(iss)      pul(l)      stag(ger)
a(ssist)        cur(tsey)     ho(wl)       pun(ch)     star(e)
ab(andon)       curs(e)       hol(d)       pur(sue)    stat
ac(cuse)        cut           hop          purr        ste(al)
acco(unt)       d(own)        hu(g)        pus(h)      sto(mp)
ach(ievements)  da(nce)       hum          puz(zled)   str(ut)
act(s)          dar(e)        i(nventory)  q(ui)       su(lk)
ad(monish)      day(dream)    id(ea)       qua(ff)     sug(gest)
ado(re)         de(mand)      ig(nore)     quit        sw(im)
ag(ree)         dec(apitate)  inf(o)       r(est)      sy(mpathize)
al(ias)         di(sengage)   inn(ocent)   ra(ise)     t(ell)
ap(ologise)     dic(tionary)  ins(ult)     rea(d)      ta(ste)
app(laud)       dim           j(ustice)    reb(orn)    tac(kle)
appr(eciate)    disa(gree)    k(ill)       rec(ite)    tai(l)
ask             dism(ount)    ke(ep)       reco(ver)   tak(e)
b(ackstab)      dr(ink)       kic(k)       rel(ieve)   tap
bab(ble)        dra(w)        kis(s)       rem(ove)    tau(nt)
bad(ger)        drag          kn(ock)      ren(t)      tea(ch)
ban(dage)       drai(n)       l(ook)       rep(ly)     teas(e)
bans(ite)       dro(p)        la(ugh)      repo(rt)    th(reaten)
bas(h)          droo(l)       lab(el)      resc(ue)    tha(nk)
be(ckon)        du(ck)        lag          rese(t)     thi(nk)
bee(p)          e(ast)        le(ad)       ret(urn)    thu(mbs)
beg             eat           lear(n)      rev(eal)    ti(me)
bi(te)          em(ote)       leav(e)      ri(de)      tic(kle)
bl(ink)         emb(race)     lev(els)     ro(ar)      tie
bla(me)         emp(ty)       li(st)       rol(l)      til(t)
ble(ed)         en(ter)       lic(k)       ru(ffle)    tip
blo(w)          eq(uipment)   lig(ht)      rul(es)     tr(ack)
blu(sh)         es(cape)      lin(k)       s(outh)     trai(n)
bo(unce)        ex(its)       liste(n)     sa(y)       tro(phy)
bog(gle)        exa(mine)     loa(d)       sad(dle)    tw(iddle)
bon(k)          f(lee)        loc(k)       sal(ute)    ty(po)
bor(ed)         fa(rt)        lov(e)       sc(ore)     u(p)
bow             fai(nt)       m(ap)        sca(lp)     un(lock)
br(ag)          faq           mar(k)       scou(t)     unc(over)
bri(be)         fi(ll)        mas(sage)    scr(eam)    unk(eep)
bu(y)           fla(me)       me(tamorph)  se(ll)      unloa(d)
bug             flex          men(d)       sea(rch)    unm(ark)
bui(ld)         fli(p)        mi(x)        sh(oot)     uns(addle)
bur(p)          flu(sh)       mil(k)       sha(ke)     us(e)
burn            fo(llow)      mo(an)       she(athe)   v(alue)
bury            for(give)     mu(tter)     shi(ver)    vi(ew)
but(cher)       forw(ard)     n(orth)      shou(t)     w(est)
c(ast)          fr(own)       na(rrate)    shr(ug)     wa(ke)
cac(kle)        fre(nch)      ne(ws)       si(gh)      wat(ch)
cal(l)          frol(ic)      ni(bble)     sin(g)      wav(e)
cam(p)          fu(me)        nod          sip         wea(r)
cat(chup)       g(et)         nu(zzle)     sit         weat(her)
ch(uckle)       ga(sp)        o(pen)       sl(eep)     wh(o)
cha(nge)        ges(ture)     of(fer)      sla(p)      whe(re)
char(ge)        gi(ggle)      or(der)      sm(ile)     whet
che(er)         giv(e)        p(ut)        smir(k)     whi(sper)
cho(ke)         gl(are)       pa(t)        sn(uggle)   whin(e)
cl(ose)         gr(oup)       pac(e)       sna(rl)     whist(le)
cla(p)          gri(n)        pe(er)       snap        whoi(s)
cli(mb)         groa(n)       pi(ck)       sne(eze)    wi(eld)
co(mfort)       grov(el)      pit(y)       snea(k)     wig(gle)
comb            grow(l)       po(ur)       sni(cker)   win(k)
comm(ent)       gru(mble)     poi(son)     snif(f)     wo(rship)
comp(are)       h(ide)        poin(t)      sno(re)     wr(ite)
compl(ain)      ha(ng)        pok(e)       snow(ball)  y(awn)
con(sider)      he(lp)        pon(der)     snuf(f)     ye(ll)
cou(gh)         her(blores)   pout         sob         yo(del)
cov(er)         hic(cup)      pr(actice)   sp(it)      


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