There are two types of passwords on MUME: account passwords and character passwords. Your account password is set from the account menu with the PASS command, and is required each time you connect to MUME.

Characters may also have passwords, but this is not required. By default none of your characters will have passwords. If you do set a character password, you must enter this password as well as the account password each time you log in that character. To add a CHARACTER PASSWORD use the CHANGE PASSWORD command while logged into MUME with that character. You may have a different password for each character.

You can also remove character passwords with CHANGE PASSWORD: just press enter when prompted for the new password.

Be sure to choose a good password(s) that you can easily remember but, no less secure than you would for a "real" computer account. Don't use your character name, your real name, and in particular not a password you use somewhere else, in another mud or for a computer account!

To CHANGE YOUR ACCOUNT PASSWORD, from the account menu type PASS.

If you have LOST YOUR PASSWORD, do not ask a God to give you your password. MUME passwords are one-way encrypted with the same functions that are used for Unix passwords, so the Gods cannot read them in plain text. You may however, contact an Arata about the possibility of getting an account password reset.

Note: All passwords are CASE SENSITIVE.


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