This is the list of globally recognized commands in MUME, except for the so called socials, which can be found in "help socials". Note that some objects, rooms and other circumstances may give you access to other commands.

!               comp(are)     giv(e)       mar(k)       resc(ue)   tie
'               compl(ain)    gr(oup)      me(tamorph)  rese(t)    tr(ack)
,               con(sider)    h(ide)       men(d)       ret(urn)   trai(n)
-               cov(er)       ha(ng)       mi(x)        rev(eal)   tro(phy)
a(ssist)        cru(sh)       he(lp)       mil(k)       ri(de)     ty(po)
ab(andon)       cut           her(blores)  n(orth)      rul(es)    u(p)
acco(unt)       d(own)        hin(ts)      na(rrate)    s(outh)    un(lock)
ach(ievements)  dec(apitate)  his(tory)    ne(ws)       sa(y)      unc(over)
act(s)          di(sengage)   hit          o(pen)       sad(dle)   unk(eep)
al(ias)         dic(tionary)  hol(d)       of(fer)      sc(ore)    unloa(d)
ask             dim           i(nventory)  or(der)      sca(lp)    unm(ark)
b(ackstab)      dism(ount)    id(ea)       p(ut)        scou(t)    uns(addle)
ban(dage)       dr(ink)       ig(nore)     pi(ck)       se(ll)     us(e)
bans(ite)       dra(w)        inf(o)       po(ur)       sea(rch)   v(alue)
bas(h)          drag          j(ustice)    poi(son)     sh(oot)    vi(ew)
bee(p)          drai(n)       k(ill)       pr(actice)   she(athe)  w(est)
blo(w)          dro(p)        ke(ep)       pray         shou(t)    wa(ke)
bri(be)         e(ast)        kic(k)       pro(tect)    sip        wat(ch)
bu(y)           eat           kn(ock)      pul(l)       sit        wea(r)
bug             em(ote)       l(ook)       pur(sue)     sl(eep)    weat(her)
bui(ld)         emp(ty)       lab(el)      pus(h)       snea(k)    wh(o)
burn            en(ter)       lag          q(ui)        snuf(f)    whe(re)
bury            eq(uipment)   le(ad)       qua(ff)      st(and)    whet
but(cher)       es(cape)      lear(n)      quit         stat       whi(sper)
c(ast)          ex(its)       leav(e)      r(est)       ste(al)    whoi(s)
cal(l)          exa(mine)     lev(els)     rea(d)       sug(gest)  wi(eld)
cam(p)          f(lee)        li(st)       reb(orn)     sw(im)     wr(ite)
cat(chup)       faq           lig(ht)      rec(ite)     t(ell)     ye(ll)
cha(nge)        fi(ll)        lin(k)       reco(ver)    ta(ste)    
char(ge)        flu(sh)       liste(n)     rem(ove)     tai(l)     
cl(ose)         fo(llow)      loa(d)       ren(t)       tak(e)     
cli(mb)         forw(ard)     loc(k)       rep(ly)      tea(ch)    
comm(ent)       g(et)         m(ap)        repo(rt)     ti(me)     


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