The following help is available:

  help help       - This text.
  help            - List the available commands.
  help subjects   - List all available help subjects.
  /help           - Shows available wizcommands [Ainur only]
  /help help      - Details on wizcommands [Ainur Only]

You can use a partial match for the words, as long as it isn't ambiguous.

"?" will match any word and "??" at the end of the search string will match any completion.


 > help magic mis

Will find the help text for the "MAGIC MISSILE" spell.

 > help magzt

Will not match anything.

 > help burni

Will not match "BURNING HANDS", as this keyword has two words.

 > help burni ??

Will match "BURNING HANDS".

 > help ? hands

Will match "BURNING HANDS", "SHAKE HANDS" and similar topics.

Occasionally, MUME will give you a suggestion of similar help texts, or other commands, to try instead, if it cannot find any match.

If you have a client that supports the MUME Client Protocol (like cancan, powwow or addadd) you get the help text in your local viewer by writing "help -view <subject>" or "help -v <subject>".

Some objects allow you to type "help <object>" when you are holding them (or standing next to them). E.g. while holding a book you can type "help book" to get information on how to read and edit (if you have the access) this book.

If you think one topic lacks information, is wrong, incomplete or missing, please report it with the BUG, IDEA or TYPO commands.

You can find an up-to-date version of the help files on our website ( or download them


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