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|                             MUME VIII HELP FILE                             |
| The help files of MUME are rather extensive, so please refer to this index  |
| if you are confused about where you should look.                            |
| The text between quotation marks are to be written at your prompt, followed |
| by pressing return. All input is case-insensitive.                          |
|                                                                             |
| "HELP NEW" if you are new to MUME and/or MUDs in general.                   |
| "HELP MOVEMENT" if you need to learn how to control your character.         |
| "HELP OBJECTS" to learn how to handle interaction with inanimate objects.   |
| "HELP COMMUNICATION" to get help on how to communicate with other people.   |
| "HELP COMBAT" to learn how the combat system on MUME works.                 |
| "HELP SKILLS" to list all skills, and get information about them.           |
| "HELP MAGIC" for insights in magic on Arda.                                 |
| "HELP MISCELLANEOUS" for miscellaneous commands and general information.    |
| "HELP SUBJECTS" for a list of _all_ help topics.                            |
| "RULES" for a general listing of rule categories players must abide by.     |
|                                                                             |
|---  The help files can also be accessed at https://mume.org/help/         ---

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