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This project was registered on on Mar 27, 2006, and is described by the project team as follows: mmapper2 is a mud mapper especially written for the mud MUME (, combining the UI, network and storage modules from caligor's mmapper1 [[1]] with the auto-mapping engine of alve's expandora [[2]].


Detailed instructions are available.


Windows Develop Instructions

Instructions in progress while I try to get it done (Rik)

Install a SVN client. (I.e. Tortoise SVN)

Download from: and install.

Install QT SDK

Download from: and install. (Note this is a download of ~300 Mb)

Install Zlib

Download from: and install.

Install Cmake

Download from: and install.

Download MMapper source (using Tortoise SVN)

Right click on your desktop, select "SVN Checkout..."
In the window which opened fill in:
URL of repository:
Checkout directory: c:\mmapper (or whatever you want)


If this is too difficult, you could install the old version. There are a few bugs with I believe with the new exits and coloring code, but it is still usable.

How to install Mmapper2 - Windows

Detailed instructions are available.

  1. Download the .zip file from here
  2. Unzip it, run mmapper.exe
  3. Choose File -> Open to open the adra.mm2 map file that was included in the zip file.

How to install Mmapper2 - Mac

  1. First, install the visual library the mapper uses, called QT.
  2. From the image file, run the installer.
  3. Download the mac application and map file.
  4. Unzip it, double-click the file.
  5. Choose File -> Open to select the arda.mm2 file included in the zip file.

If you're experienced with the command line, you could download the source from sourceforge, install the apple developer tools and compile it yourself.