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MUME, Multi-Users in Middle-earth, is a free to play multiplayer roleplaying game based upon J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth that has been continuously enhanced since the fall of 1991.

In MUME players can explore more than 26,000 open rooms and live in this meticulously crafted world during its late Third Age, and possibly join the Epic War between the forces of the Dark Lord and the armies of the West. [Do you want to learn more?]

Do you want to start playing right away? Then just get going! Do you want to read a bit more first, get some hints about mappers, or watch the Video Tutorials? Then visit the section for new players.

For questions and advice just visit our Official Forum! Simply login with your MUME-character.

Latest game news

Recent changes (account import, gate guards, etc.) (Dáin)24 May 2020
  • There's a new account import command that lets you copy certain settings from your other characters:
      > account import <player> aliases|colours|eqorder|all

    For example:

      > account import gandalf colours

    would copy Gandalf's colour settings to your current player (assuming Gandalf is in your account).

    Warning: your current settings will overwritten!

    Thanks Fingolnor for the idea.

  • Two new colours you can change using change colour have been added: code and emphasis.

    code is used for code or commands in help texts and such (similar to what you might use <code> for in HTML).

    emphasis is used to emphasize text… in help texts and such.

    Before, header and status was typically used for these purposes.

  • Changes to gate guards (Jahara):
    • Gate guards always refuse to open and close gates if the caller is an opponent.
    • Gate guards will never leak hidden doornames to unseen opponents.
    • Gate guards will remember who attacked them and refuse them reentry as opposed to waiting for them to enter and then attacking them.
  • Eriadorians will pay a slightly cheaper rent in Bree from now on (Jahara).

Latest web news

Port 443 is now used for HTTPS instead of Telnet 15 Nov 2019
This website is now available on the HTTPS standard port.

If you used to point your telnet client at port 443, please use port 23 or 4242 instead.

If this is not an option for you, check out the web client instead.

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