Newbie Base Abilities

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This is a basic and simplified guide to how and why you should choose your base abilities for different classes. As such it is mostly aimed at helping those new players that prefer to choose their own base abilities to do so in a way that they can avoid making any big mistakes that would be impossible to correct in the future. You can do a limited reroll, if you retire your character for a month before level 26 and for a year from level 26 and up, however that is as the name suggest quite limited in how much it can alter your base abilities.

Example: A mage with 8 WIS works fine in D&D based systems but won't be good as a mage in MUME; in fact, such a character in MUME would be a very poor mage.

A few important things to think about when choosing your stats:

  • PER + INT will decide how good track you get. 100% is generally seen as good and requires PER+INT to be around 26-27. With PER+INT below 20 it might not be worth practicing track at all, since you might not be able to see any tracks no matter how much time you spend looking for them.
  • INT and WIS decides how much mana you get, but max mana is generally not of critical importance. INT has a slightly larger effect on mana than WIS, and the gain is linearly related to the stats.
  • WIL affects your manaregen, but age and equipment usually have a much larger effect.

The ranges are based on the character being a human, so for other races modify the ranges with the race modifiers; or don't and get a less specialized but likely more all-round character.


STR: Higher STR will allow you to use heavier armour. [10-13]
INT: Max. You can never have more than enough INT as a mage. [18]
WIS: Quite high, though max is good it is far from essential. [16-18]
DEX: You want some, but much won't help you much at all. [10-13]
CON: Can help a lot, but not always as much as you might think. [10-14]
WIL: Some. If you want charm/sleep to work well get it quite high. [14-17]
PER: Some. [11-14]


STR: Higher STR will allow you to use heavier armour. [10-13]
INT: Max, but if really needed you can drop it a little. [17-18]
WIS: Max. [18]
DEX: Some is good, but you can get away with very little with high WIL. [8-12]
CON: Can help a lot, but not always as much as you might think. [10-14]
WIL: Very high, Max isn't needed but helpful at least on lower levels. [16-18]
PER: Enough to get as much track as you want. [8-11]


STR: If you want to be able to use good damage weapons get 18. [17-18]
INT: Enough to together with PER get as much track as you want. [8-12]
WIS: Not much use, unless you want a lot of leadership. [8]
DEX: You really want some, and possibly very high. [13-18]
CON: The most important stat for most warriors. [17-18]
WIL: The more the better, but you can't get everything and some is ok. [13-17]
PER: Enough to get as much track as you want. [8-14]


STR: Will help you carry more and increase damage, so get some and more if you can. [14-16]
INT: Not much use, but can put leftover points in it. [8-10]
WIS: Very little use, so don't waste points on it. [8]
DEX: Primary stat for scouts, so get max. [18]
CON: Will decide how mobile you are, so get as much as you can. [15-18]
WIL: Helps some, but can mostly be compensated for so most keep it low. [10-14]
PER: Important to get scout skills high. Pure scouts work with less. [16-18]

For more advanced information regarding base abilities there is some available here in the official forums.

One last thing to think about is that a character that someone finds good and/or fun to play might not be that for someone else.