Guide to install mmapper2 on Windows



mmapper2 is a graphical mud mapper especially written for the mud MUME, combining the UI, network and storage modules from caligor's mmapper1 ( with the auto-mapping engine of alve's expandora (

It functions as a proxy, which stands betwen game server and text based client (telnet or any other mud client with some extra functionality). This program lets you play classic text-based mud game with graphical environment. It has some nice features like: automatic room creating, automatic connection of rooms, terrain detection, exits detections, opengl rendering, pseudo 3D layers, drag and drop mouse operations, and multi platform support!

In order to run the mapper you need to:

1. Download the mapper

You can download the latest version of mmapper2 from GitHub. Download the zip file and extract it to some directory on your computer.

2. Run the mapper

Make sure you allow the mapper to get past your local firewall.

Mmapper2 2.png

3. Load a map

A map is included with the package named arda.mm2. Load it by clicking "File", "Open" and then selecting the file name.

Mmapper2 3.png

4. Configure your mud client

The mapper works as a proxy, so you need to change your mud client to connect to your own computer. As you already know, MUME runs at on port 4242. The mapper runs on your own computer at the same port and because of this you need to direct your client to localhost on port 4242.

JMC Directions

Mmapper2 4.png

5. Configure MUME

Once you log into MUME, enable a full prompt for your character:

change prompt all

6. Enjoy!

Your mapper should sync to where you are!

Mmapper2 6.png

7. Still having problems??

If you are still unable to get the mapper working try to figure out if you are even able to connect to the mapper (The mapper log will show a connection). If not, then you probably have an issue with your firewall and need to open up port 4242. If you are getting a connection through the mapper but nothing is syncing, then try the following as well: Change all your colors to the default values (change colour all default), display the full prompt (prompt all), and/or disconnect and reconnect your client to the mapper. Also, make sure the mapper is in the correct mode: "play mode"

If that still fails check the mume thread, elvenrunes thread, or asking in-game :-)