Guide to local editing with PowTTY


This guide that will show you how to enable local editing in PowTTY.

1. Running Powtty

Download powtty from Elvenrunes and run the program. In the example I have already run mmapper2 and loaded a map, but that step is unnecessary for using local editing.

Localediting 1.png

2. Enabling local editing in the client

Click the "PowTTY" tab and then enable the local editing option.

Localediting 2.png

3. Saving the session for future use

This step is unnecessary as well, here I am changing the host and port to be directed from Mume towards mmapper2. In the Session tab I then enter in a session name to save it under and then click "Save" to save it for later use. Finally I click "Open" to run PowTTY.

Localediting 3.png

4. Enabling local editing in the game

Type "change editor" and verify that it is currently set to mume. If not, then type: change editor mume

Localediting 4.png

5. Using notepad to edit files

When you start to write to a board, change your whois, or view a mail Mume will send the text directly to your client which will then open notepad. You will be able to change the text file and then click "File", "Save" to send it back to mume or just close notepad to cancel the current editing session.

Localediting 5.png

6. ANSI color

If you want to learn about creating fancy whoises complete with ANSI color then take a look at Jahara's ANSI colour help.