What is MUME?

MUME is a free multiplayer roleplaying game based upon J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth that has been continuously enhanced since fall '91.

In MUME players can explore and live in this meticulously crafted world during its late Third Age, and possibly join the epic War between the forces of the Dark Lord and the armies of the West. The action takes place before The Hobbit and after the loss of the One Ring by Sauron. The key of Erebor was just found by Gandalf in Dol Guldur and all the epic tales narrated in The Lord of the Rings may take place.

MUME is running on a FIRE machine. You can either play by connecting directly by telnet to or via a server (advised for best link). To list the available servers, type the command server within the game.

If you are new to MUME or MUDs in general, you should consult our newbie page: it contains introductory texts for complete beginners, as well as information on MUME's unique features for those who have already played other MUDs.

MUME is written in C, C++, and mudlle (a functional language that was developed in order to allow online extensions to the game).

A text game? In the XXIst century?

Yes, indeed.

As long there will be books to read there will be a place for text-based games. MUME is based upon Tolkien's writings and offers a richness of world detail and game play to players who put an emphasis on imagination to act in a role playing game, without the need to rely on flashy graphics...

Do not misunderstand us, we do play graphical games from time to time, but never for long. MUME, on the other hand, is an everlasting and ever changing experience.