Super Mobile


Some mobiles are stronger than others and upon their defeat, a greater reward will also be yours. Below is a small list of some of these supermobs that can be found in MUME.

Super mobs, or smobs often can't be easily defeated by simply standing and hitting them dead. Often the assistance of powerful magic, or smart tactics are required. This article attempts to adequately explain each smob, how to safely kill it, and how to loot the legend eq once you're done.

The following is a list of important-to-know conventions and terms that will prove valuable to understanding the strategies laid out below.

  • fireball: AKA fb, a powerful mage spell.
  • colour spray: AKA spray, a powerful mage spell almost as powerful as fireball. It is the spell of choice against spirit-type mobs because they are ineffective vs light-type spells.
  • dispel evil: AKA dispel: the most common offensive clerical spell that does more damage to something the eviler it is.
  • harm: another clerical spell that is available when the cleric is evil and thus can't cast dispel, or when the target is not evil.
  • nuke: to cast any offensive spell that deals damage to the target. most often the dispel evil or harm spells by clerics, and the fireball and colour spray spells by mages.
  • sanctuary: AKA sanc, a spell that caps the amount of damage that can be done to the recipient in a single hit or nuke.
  • bash disengage: AKA "bash dis" or simply "b d", to bash your opponent in such a way that it becomes disengaged. This is done by typing 'd' between the 'bash' and the target's name. For example, "bash dis man" will bash man, and leave him sitting there unengaged. very important when fleeing out of the room is not an option.
  • dirs: short for directions, they are conveyed as a series of letters with optional numbers preceding each letter. For example, "ee3n2ws" means to go east, east, north twice, west three times, then south.
  • hidden exit: an exit that is not immediately apparent upon entering the room, and cannot be opened with the "open exit" command.

Very minor super mobs

These very minor smobs aren't classified as smobs by most of the player base, but they are included in this article because each one of them is a good source of cash loot for young adventures, and can be vital to buying a first set of armour.

Bill Ferny

See Bill Ferny.

The Ghost of Galerel

See ghost of Galerel and Galerel's mansion.

The Old Wight

The old wight is a smiting wight warrior east of Bree near the old east road rock. Find a brigand near oer rock, kill it and loot the large key from its belt pouch. from oer rock, 3e 3s, 4w d unlock and open wall east. kill the wight warrior (about level 12), get key, east, unlock and open slab and north. The old wight is nothing besides a rather formidable opponent for any lowbie warrior, so its best to do this with more than one level 12+ character. It loads a full set of metal armour and a few gold. sells for a total of 20-25 gold.

The Ohurk Chief

Minor Supermobs

Wight Captain

location and description

The wight captain lives in a tower about half way between Bree and Rivendell, or between brush and the windswept lands, to be more exact. Walk along the old east road until you find a room with two clusters of clover, then go 3s, 2e, 2n to arrive at the door to the tower.

The tower consists of seven rooms stacked vertically on top of one another. From just inside the front door, there are two rooms going downwards to the cellar, and 4 rooms going upwards to the roof of the tower where the captain himself stands. Note: every other room is a set of stairs- "stairs to the cellar", "stairs to the gallery", and "stairs to the roof"- and if you stand on any set of stairs for more than a few seconds, they will collapse, leaving you stuck below unless you have superb climb skill. Along with the wight captain, there are also two wight bodyguards that stand with him in his room, and an additional 8 wight bodyguards that wander the tower.


When you attack the captain, he yells for all his bodyguards to come assist him, so it is prudent to kill all the wandering bodyguards before going to the roof to attack the captain himself. Once you arrive at the roof, killing is simple as he himself has no special mudlle. Casters nuke, warriors hit, and he dies in about 8 sprays or 5 dispels.


captain is about level 18-20, and bodyguards are about level 14, could be done with two heros of any class, although if both are casters than a charmie would be required to buff.


On the ground after captain dies: broad silver belt, and engraved silver ring which is used to open the crypt sswwnnnssss.eeennww from tower. in the crypt: a few gold, metal wall shiel, and The Silvery Broadsword an artifact glowsword.

Mormaeg the Spider

Mormaeg is a happy-go-lucky little spider than enjoys nothing more than teaching her children how to knit, and eating her husbands after having sex with them. However, she tends to get rather angry and vicious if any man woman dwarf hobbit elf troll orc or well... anything that is not a spider shows up early in the morning.. or now that I think about it, she generally tries to kill anything that shows up in her lair any time of day regardless of race.


A Dunlending Chieftain who dwells near Ost-in-Edhil.


A Dunlending Chieftain who dwells east of Wuda and guards a captive horse of the Rohirrim.


A dwarf who runs a hidden mine in Eregion.

Tall Orc


See Nagrorh.

Major Supermobs

Old Man Willow

In J. R. R. Tolkien's work, Old Man Willow is an evil tree that lives in the Old Forest next to the Shire.

The Kraken

An ancient beast, also known as the Watcher in the Water.

Ghostly Captain


An evil priest who lives in the northern reaches of Mirkwood. He can call the forest to his aid and trap unwary travelers.

Blood Wight

Wight Lord

Dwarven Statue

Chief of Tharbad


The necromancer is not *The Necromancer* spoken of in LOTR. Rather this mob is simply necro, a mume npc that has the power to summen skeletal warriors to rescue him, can cast fireball, and even cast the sancturary spell on himself.


He loads in his research labratory it the end of a long tunnel that runs beneath the nen-i-sol bridge (neni). The entrance to the tunnels is located 5e s from neni. Open hole, and go down south then follow the tunnel westwards. At some point in the tunnel you will find Gahruuk the half-orc, a level 10 mob that loads a belt pouch containing the key for the necromancer's room. This key is absolutely necessary because necro's door is NoBash, NoBreak, and NoPick; it can only be opened by having key and unlocking. I guess necro isn't a fan of B and E.

Once you reach the end of the tunnel, you'll need to walk through a very small series of randoms where you could easily lose tcrack of your mount, so its best you abandon it near the end of the tunnel. the randoms start u 3nw from the end of the tunnel, and to navigate them you only need to go nee. from there, you go nee again kill a wooden statue for some nice xp, unlock the door and walk south to find yourself face-to-face with two skeletal warriors and the necromancer himself.


Due to how necro casts sanctuary on himself as soon as you enter, summons numerous skeletal warriors to rescue him, and casts fireball, along with his annoying habbit of closing and locking the door when you try to flee, it is very possible your plans to kill him could go very wrong very fast. If you need to flee out of his room, the leader needs to unlock and open the door. However necro has his own key, and when you try to flee, he will close and lock the door, so the leader can't just unlock and open the door once, he needs to spam *unlock exit* *open exit* until everybody has fled out.

There are two strategies for killing him, both require at least one caster and a buffer. The easiest and quickest way to kill him is to have the caster cast a quick spell like burning hands or magic missile on necro to interupt his sanctuary spell, then nuke him dead with fb or dispell. If the caster fails to interupt the sanctuary spell, it is easiest if the group flees out and waits until necro stops glowing before retrying.

The second, and more difficult strategy is called "farming skeletons", "farming the xp", or just "farming". taking advantage of the mudlle that causes necro to summon skeletal warriors, a cleric with good blind is needed to keep necro blind. After he's blinded, the basher bash disengages necro, or the buffer flees out and reenters, and the group kills the skeletal warriors while necro stands there hopelessly blind. once both skeletal warriors are dead, the buffer hits necro again, while others stand and watch while necro summons another skeletal warrior, who rescues him. The group continues killing warriors and farming more until necro appears to be out of mana, which usually happens after he's summoned between 6-10 skeletons. At this point, the sanctuary spell has usually worn off, so the group is free to hit/nuke necro dead with ease.


requires at least one hero+ caster to kill him the quick way, or a legend blinder and legend buffer to farm skeletons (a basher is also nice).


On his corpes: mottled cloak, nasty orkish fang, pouch containing red amulet, and librum (see strategy for the dark knight for more information). loot ebony key from his corpse, unlock and open board, and in the chest load a fear scroll and the rod that is used to open the entrance to the dark knight's area.

Dead Knight


The dead Knight (DK)- not to be confused with Donke Kong- is an undead knight trapped underneath the hill of weathertop by the angmarian witch king eternally awaiting someone to oust him in battle. The entrance to his area is beneath the hidden exit slab 6w4n from neni. This slab remains locked with no way of opening it for most the time. To open it, you need to wait until either dusk the day before the full moon, duck on the day of the full moon, or dusk the day after the full mwhen there is a full moon

Bill, Bert, and Tom

Scaly Beast

Mithnaur the Dragon

One of the last of the great dragons. This fiery worm sleeps upon his hoard of riches in his lair in the Misty Mountains.

Ebon Wraith

Master Assassin

This criminal mastermind lurks with his guards and attendants just beyond and below the city of Tharbad. He is a master of stealth and poison who is not afraid to dirty his hands slitting the throats of enemies unwise enough to assail him in his lair. He is also well protected by stout servants and uncommonly wily and evasive when in mortal peril.

Unqalome the Great Dark


This powerful Dunlending Chieftain rules a fortified town in the south of Dunland. He and his people are the enemies of Rohan and the rider's of the Mark would be well pleased to see him brought low.


This powerful Black Númenórean is a servant of Sauron who dwells in a fortified orkish cave in the Redhorn Pass. He teaches dark magics to the Orcs in Sauron's service.


The guardian of Anduin Vale


This vile spider makes it's lair near a small Orkish outpost north of the Old Forest Road which runs through Mirkwood. Her lair is filled with many of her poisonous children. Among them are terrible green spiders that can wrap an unwary adventurer up in cocoon. Frychra herself is a wary beast and if her inner lair is invaded by more than one or two outsiders, be they man or beast, she will flee beyond the reach of sword, spell, or bow.


Bulag/Grey Spider





Muranog the High Lieutenant

The Balrog

Durin's Bane, a creature not to be taken lightly even by the greatest of legends. The rewards for his defeat are of equal value.