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Any player can edit any page!

Try to inline information instead of just linking to external information. So instead of linking to a guide, try to talk to the author of the guide and see if (s)he will permit copying it here. A link might be better than nothing though.

Content Rules

This wiki is a collection of mortal knowledge. If you learned about something as a mortal character and want to share it you may add it as long as you follow the spoiler rules. You may NOT add any information that you learned as an Ainur.

Spoiler Rules

You must always hide spoilers that will remove the joy of discovery for players. This can be done by wrapping sensitive information in a spoiler HTML tag. Examples of sensitive information are:

  • Hidden door names
  • Output from the identify spell
  • Detailed information about how and where to get legendary equipment
  • Detailed maps of new/remote/contested areas (detailed maps of cities are fine)


<spoiler> Secret information </spoiler>