These are the basic rules concerning the players of MUME. To get more information just read the relevant rules file (e.g. type "rules pkilling" to see the rules regarding player killing). If you have problems finding the relevant rules, return to this index or contact an Ainu for help.

1. ACCOUNTS You can only have one account. You cannot share it, give it away or trade it.
2. SEPARATION Sharing knowledge between your characters, or in any way helping one of your own characters with another of your characters is illegal.
3. INTERRACE Helping the enemy side (even indirectly) is illegal.
4. PKILLING Player killing (PK) is encouraged against the other side of the war. Good players cannot PK other good players without restrictions. (See: RULES SAURON). Special rules apply to trolls (See: RULES TROLLS).
5. COMMUNICATION You must use the right channel when communicating.
6. SPIES It is forbidden to use "throw-away" characters to spy.
7. BANKING You are not allowed to bank equipment in a safe place.
8. ROBOTS The use of any kind of automation is forbidden.
9. AINUR Ainur (immortals) must follow their own rules.
10. ABUSE It is illegal to abuse bugs or limitations of the code.
11. KEYBOARD It is illegal for two or more persons to use the same keyboard or terminal simultaneously.
12. REIMBURSEMENT When losing anything (e.g. XP) you will _NOT_ get a reimbursement unless caused by a reproducible bug.