Information for Newcomers

PandoraMapper, also know as just pandora started as a little research project back in the times when MUME offered no support for mappers. It was inspired by Diamoniums MOM Mapper and Pilsner's ideas of creating a real 3D Map of Arda.

Before the XML support times, Pandora used a quite sophisticated heuristical tracking engine, based on a state machine with a tiny bit of scripting available. After XML support made all of the above obsolete, the non-XML mode was removed and replaced with an XML parser.

Main features

  • Designed for speed and stability.

Exactly in this order. Everything was designed with 2 things in mind. Mapper shall not slow down your "link". even by a few milliseconds. Mapper shall always know your position.

Though given you really need a more or less modern 3D card. (Geforce 5200 is enough, 6600GT is an overkill)

  • Solid stability in playing mode.

By now means is mapper allowed to crash while you are playing. For me, it never crashed in the last 2 years. However, the stability is not granted when you start editing the map. It's strongly adviced to save often.

  • 3D Map and full freedom of view. (paning, zooming, rotating)
  • Z-Mud alike map

No more walls, but a lot of connections between rooms as lines and similar.


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