Troll guide


Troll stats

  • There are 3 types of trolls:
    • Mountain, Cave and Hill trolls. There is no difference between them in height.(By Enforcer). Max height troll is 9ft.(By Enforcer, sample size 200 characters)
      • This means that different EQ fits different trolls, important because trolls normally can't resize equipment, as recent change as Dol Guldur citizens they can mend equipment
        • Need to kill Druidess that loads a phial that needs to be delivered to Adragor for citizenship (Can you mend/resize any equipment there besides shining chain/metal???)
        • Trolls can mend metals with a cross-pein hammer (loads in OIE, need amethyst to get, amethyst loads on Cinard)
      • For spears you get a bonus chance for keep-at-bay effect if you are as tall as possible. So if you really want to minmax your character, create like 10 characters and in account screen type "info xxx" for each character and see which one is tallest.(from Elestir)

Unarmed Troll stats with no track

  • Str:25 Int:5 Wis:5 Dex:12 Con:22 Wil:13 Per:7
  • Str:25 Int:6 Wis:5 Dex:12 Con:21 Wil:14 Per:7
  • Str:25 Int:5 Wis:5 Dex:13 Con:20 Wil:14 Per: 8 (By Enforcer)
    • Enforcer: "Gets you 100% unarmed (damage ho!), nice moves, nice defence, good stats for praccing main warrior stuff and can train con/hps to max. Track 79% works fine too."
  • 25 STR/15 DEX/12 WIL only gives 98% unarmed(By Belamir)
  • 25 STR/14 DEX/13 WIL gives 99% unarmed(By Enforcer)
  • 25 STR/13 DEX/14 WIL gives 100% unarmed(By Blourg)
  • 25 STR/15 DEX/15 WIL gives 104% unarmed(By Kostja)
    • Full stats: Str:25 Int:5 Wis:5 Dex:15 Con:16 Wil:15 Per:6
    • OB in warrens 192 in aggressive with plain sleeves(+1OB) and fine soft leather gloves(+3OB).
    • These stats by Kostja prove that 104% unarmed is the max.
  • We think that Unarmed formula is something like 50 + 1.56*STR + WIL + 0.67*DEX, need more data to confirm [this formula clearly overestimates greatly /Finwë]: if you reach 34/34 pracs unarmed please post here your stats and unarmed %
  • Here are our results for unarmed test:
    • We tested unarmed OB and damage at 89% 93% 97% 101% and 104%
    • Results were quite disappointing, no noticeable pattern, very random. Maybe too small sample size. Otherwise you could conclude that going super high unarmed % is probably not worth it.
    • Bash with these stats is 108%: Str:25 Int:5 Wis:5 Dex:15 Con:16 Wil:15 Per:6
    • Bash with these stats is 109%: (Dwarf): Str:19 Int: 9 Wis: 7 Dex:16 Con:18 Wil:16 Per: 8
    • Belamir: "This suggests that practice percentages see extremely diminishing returns for 'super high' stats like troll strength. If this is true, it might be an argument in favor of dropping base strength on a troll and training it back up to max (at least for a non-tracking troll)."

Tracker & Weapon Troll

Type of Troll Unarmed tracker Weapon troll & tracker
Base stats Str:25 Int:7 Wis:4 Dex:14 Con:20 Wil:12 Per:8 Str:23 Int:12 Wis:4 Dex:12 Con:22 Wil:10 Per:12
Level/HP/Moves 31/590/135(2nd age) 31/621/136(1st age)
Bash 29/40 96% 37/40 96%
Endurance 22/58 81% 32/58 91%
Parry 10/23 64% 7/23 56%
Rescue 3/8 51% 3/8 46%
Swim 3/3 49% 3/3 55%
Track 27/27 76% 26/27 91%
Wilderness 26/27 130% 24/27 125%
Unarmed 31/34 96% -
Two Handed - 21/23 106%

Unarmed vs Smiting

  • Best weapon class for trolls is definitely unarmed, especially after the changes where a lvl 25 character is the same as lvl 50. This is because in the past unarmed suffered from low OB, but unarmed OB increases with levels so now the OB is high enough because once you hit lvl 25 you have the same unarmed OB as lvl 50 troll 15 years ago. This is why trolls won the most out of the level change. A troll power difference between lvl 25 and lvl 50 troll 15 years ago was A LOT bigger than power difference from any other character going from lvl 25 to lvl 50.
    • Unarmed DPS is a lot bigger than warsword/war mattock. Only a smiter troll with war mattock that is fighting a target wearing metals can match the DPS of an unarmed troll.
    • Weapons have ~10-12 more OB compared to unarmed.(??? Can someone confirm this: lvl 25 unarmed 100% vs smiting 100% with warsword in Warrens) This difference is overcome by parrysplit, OB gain by levels and equipment. That is why most trolls choose to be unarmed.
      • Smiting has more OB - so its better to hitflee pukes. (Although high level troll have high OB anyways). In level range of lvl 40-50 there is virtually no reason to choose weapons over unarmed because unarmed OB is then high enough to be effective in PK.
      • Even though a weapon such as Warsword has +20OB, you can't say with Warsword you have +20 OB compared to Unarmed, because Unarmed skill gives +30 OB at 100% while weapon skills give +20 OB at 100%. Max unarmed skill is 104%. Most trolls don't get 100% in Unarmed while most get a bit more in weapon skills so with a +20 OB weapon a troll usually ends up around +12 OB when wielding a weapon compared to when Unarmed.
  • With unarmed we can wield a rough staff with barehanded without getting a damage decrease. We can embed defense ingredients into staff at DT so it gives +25PB and weights 26lbs. Command to wear staff as shield: 'hold staff as shield'. Rough staff loads on apprentices, HSB on giants, chunk in Emyn(where exactly??), iron bar from Malardil.
    • Wearing a regular shield with unarmed reduces unarmed damage, holding a staff isn't counted as shield.
  • You need not to be weapon troll for effective buffing. Few pracs in slash using dark broadsword(loads on wraiths) work even on unarmed troll. You even don't have to carry a shield which is heavy and lowers your moves and DB- you can use your +25PB staff as shield that you are already using with unarmed.
    • You can aim for 115-125PB in Warrens with this setup(45-75% parry, 45-75% slashing)
    • You can argue that the +10PB you get from buffing with broadsword is not worth the damage lost from unarmed in wimpy. It becomes more worth, the less significant your damage is: only if buffing for a big group, it's worth.
  • 40% of OB bonuses (ruby ring, bwf, weapon skill(??? Can someone confirm this), bless, enchant bonus, but not weapon OB bonus) are shifted to PB when in wimpy mood.

General tips

  • We(Luke&Carl&Dearth) tested and proved that metals are 50% less effective on trolls than on any other races. We hit each other ~100 times in BBT and wrote down HP loss. Average hit on metals was 44-45dmg and on troll skin 50-52dmg. Conclusion is that for trolls fine metals deduct max 6.5 damage from any hit. For other races fine metals deduct max 13 damage from any hit. So this means metals are worth for xping, because you have a chance to absorb any damage under 6.5 and on any damage over 6.5 you can deduct 6.5. However, metals are not worth in pk because you run out of moves before hp and the hp difference is small.
  • We(Luke&Carl&Dearth) tested the effect of current STR on troll unarmed damage. Again we hit each other ~100 times in BBT and wrote down HP loss. +2 current STR difference from 22 to 24 is 5-7dmg per hit. Without +2 STR hits were around 44-45, with STR ring 49-52. That means around 10% damage increase from STR ring. This means 1 current STR is around 5% damage increase. We should test if this applies on higher STR as well 26 current STR vs 28 current or there is a cap.
  • Trolls can't anymore solo Eblees without going hurt with a hewing spear. Also trolls can't anymore solo Sage by doing bodyguards with hewing-spear.
  • Best way to get vials from EP is to get barrel from BBT and fill it with blood of the floor of BBT
  • Trolls can learn healing herblore from Frychria, but only try mix it with very good kit
  • Trolls can provide Necromancer with baneberries and Necromancer will offer his alliance for the session.
  • Troll players do get OB bonus for Sauron's darkness. One way to achieve it is by sacrificing necklaces to our Lord Sauron. Necklace has to be cursed before corrupting by orcs, then any caster lvl21+ can corrupt.
  • Troll players cannot ride Fell Beasts.
  • There is no way for trolls to mend shining.
  • Troll player won't get any advantage from the effect of orcish battle horn.
  • It is more difficult for trolls to get Blood of Sauron effect since the mob giving the item for it is aggressive vs trolls. Trolls can ask orcs to help them getting it. This effect will give +2 str for 15minutes.
  • Trolls need 2 ropes to climb 100% - 1 for holding and 1 for tieing (tie rope dir). Trolls can have 3 pracs of climb with Rahku quest. Rahku quest requires you to bring him top 10 warlord corpse.
  • Equipment BN can often buy for trolls from Tharbad:
    • Iron ring
    • Ruby ring
    • Warsword
    • Claymore
    • Mighty Dwarven Axe
    • Engraved broadsword
    • Steel-Tipped spear
  • When a Troll eats a corpse he is full for 2 MUME days.
    • Regular foods get your hungry in same amount of time as other races.
    • When a Troll is about die you can eat equipment you don't want opponents to have.
  • Picks with 5 upgrades is needed for safely picking LBF front door.
  • New useful command "score report" is built in reporting, so you don't display mana in your client specific alias and you don't need to change it when switching between sides
  • There is now no difference between "kill" and "hit" when you want to switch targets when multiple targets are hitting you.
  • Trolls can give give items to Saruman and Yerik(OIE Book and Palantir) but obviously hard to find Saruman for a troll. Better to give items to BN/orc and ask them to find Saruman.
    • These items have decent chance to get picks with Saruman upgrade + random upgrade: BSB, OIE book, Silvery Crown, purple scroll, bejewelled shield, defiled dwarven shield, BRD, dunadan blade, engraved hammer, ornate, warsword, PBS, banded ring
    • These items have decent chance to get scroll from Saruman: Banded, Iron, Jewelled ring, ruby ring, Istar wand, PBS, Staff, AoD, Engraved hammer, Glamdring, Ornate, Sting, Warsword, beje, shining chain shirt/sleeves, bsb, gleaming, OIE book, twisted crown, tarnished copper wristband.
    • These items have decent chance to get watch room kit from Saruman: Foci items, Jewelled ring, OiE Book, PBS, Jewelled ring, Palantir, Twisted crown, BSB. Watch room kit is detectable by detect magic and quite heavy.

Climbing and Rahku quest

  • Some climb exits do not require climb at all - just take few tries and consume HP. (stairs in Wight captain)
  • Trolls need 2 ropes to climb 100% - 1 for holding and 1 for tieing (tie rope dir).
    • 17.01.21 change: Ropes decay now like dropped eq. So trolls can't enter Malardil from backway so easily for example.
  • Is helpful when going to Ghostly captain, Unqalome, Tharbad sewers or crossing river Isen.
  • Trolls can learn 3 pracs of climb with Rahku quest:

Go to Rahku and ask “climb”. If he says something about being able to climb like a spider, it means the quest is active. It can not be active for many RL days. If he's not active then this happens:

o= W>ask rahku climb

Rahku the Mountain Troll says 'Rahku can climb like a spider!'

Rahku the Mountain Troll says 'One day, Rahku may consider teaching you.'

o= W>give corpse rahku

Rahku the Mountain Troll says 'Rahku not hungry now.'

Rahku the Mountain Troll gives you the corpse of *a Half-Elf*.

If it is active, bring the corpse of a white warlord to Rahku. The person had to be on white warlord list before killing him, but not after.

If it is active then this happens:

!= W>ask rahku climb

Rahku the Mountain Troll says 'Rahku can climb like a spider!'

Rahku the Mountain Troll says 'Bring me a delicious, fresh puke corpse… Good, red meat!'

Rahku the Mountain Troll says 'Make sure it is an experienced fighter, Rahku likes those.'

Here you have to wait until he finishes talking, because if you don't you can't prac. Gotta wait till he says it's a deal or no, then agree.

Rahku the Mountain Troll says 'Rahku may consider teaching you then.'

Rahku the Mountain Troll says 'Is it a deal?'

o= W Move:Tired>agree rahku You agree with Rahku the Mountain Troll.

o= W Move:Tired> Rahku the Mountain Troll says 'Good. Now go get Rahku a lunch!' o= W>give corpse rahku Ok. You achieved something new! Rahku the Mountain Troll accepted to teach you how to climb like a spider! Rahku the Mountain Troll tears a large, bloody piece from the corpse and devours it! Rahku the Mountain Troll devours the whole corpse!

Reward: Ability to practice 3 pracs of climb. He forgets fast that you can practice climb from him. So best to have 3 pracs ready.


  • Troll receives random hp loss when they are in the sun. Might be from 1hp to all hp.
  • When you sundie you will transform to level 1 with unmodified trophy.
    • Type 'reborn' to clean your trophy.
  • Set linkdrop to avoid sundeath even if you have a stable connection.

Avoiding Sundeath

  • Have at least all the months substituted (meaning knowing when dusk and dawn is) and use a timer script that tells you minutes until sunset or sunrise. Or use mmapper2 that tells you ticks until day.
  • Good idea for a client action to automatically change wimpy to 0 and set linkdrop to 60-120sec when you log in or reconnect.
  • Have draughts or vellum scrolls for emergencies. To get draughts when you group with orcs, especially shamans, be polite and give them something before asking to mix. Also gather ingredients on your own.
  • Travel light to save moves. "Tad Uncomfortable" weight should be the goal.
  • Never take a risk of fleeing when one exit is sun. Just go berserk, bash and maybe they flee first. Mobdeath and especially PK death is not worth sunning over.
    • When fighting next to the sun exit, also make sure you have set "cha wimpy 0" to avoid accidentally fleeing into the sun.
  • Don't Sunwalk - bad example here.
  • Be aware that you can be slept by sleep spell.
    • This is heavily frowned upon in MUME community.
    • Avoid being cast at in open by elves who are usually pure mages who use sleep.
    • The sleep will be usually stored, with the person getting low to lure you to chase -> casting armour -> casting store sleep.
    • You can try to somewhat prevent that by having high willpower and wearing spell saving equipment, but even with base WIL 15 and max Spellsave equipment and high levels you are not safe: you can still be slept, even with a black candle.

Common locations where people sundie

  • Old Fornost sun room in castle.
  • Mormaeg sun room inside.
  • Warrens trees place - by going 2e or s e or s s e from roots. Secret sunned his lvl 73 troll there.
  • Going Old Forest and getting lost there (very common). Try to mobdie to trees asap if that happens.
  • Trying to go to OOC for night and discover that Gumak is dead. Ask a BN to scout it first or be sure you have good enough picks. Especially if leading other trolls.
  • When follower spams dirs at the same time when the leader does. Always fol self during day before typing any direction.
  • By typing "le" instead of "l e" which means "leave" instead of "look east"
  • Accidentally hitting flee hotkey or forgetting to set wimpy 0 during day

Unsized Equipment (In the order of importance)

1lb = 44 units of weight from 'identify' spell

Boots (in the order of ease to get)

  • Black Smooth Boots (Move cost -16%, Sheath, 0.7lb)
    • Near warrens tower in skeleton
  • Black Padded Boots (Move cost -16%, Absorption 50% to 3dmg, 0.6lb)
    • On the road to goblin caves in skeleton
  • Pair of knee-high hunting boots (Move cost -16%, Absorption 60% to 7dmg, 2lb)
    • In Gwathion's gear

Cloaks (in the order of ease to get)

  • Mottled Cloak (+7 DB, 7lbs)
    • Wargs room north Dreary Forest on ground
    • Mrak skeleton on ground
    • Near 'grasses' exit (Dunland)
  • Forest green cloak (+5 DB, Move regen +5, 2lbs)
    • Down from 'tangle' at BBT, on the ground
    • In the peg in 'wooden' east of Rivendell
    • Inside the skeleton at the rattlesnake with Mrak, south of Brolg
    • Inside the skeleton/corpse west of the trolls at stoneswivel
    • Inside husk at Frychra (sometimes)
    • Crumbling cavern in Emyn-nu-Fuin
    • Eblees
    • In Gwathion's gear.
    • In corpse in cave-in south of Mirkwood morass in MoM.
  • Ragged, Blackened Cloak (+5 DB, Move regen +5, 2lbs)
    • In the chest at Ushurg
    • In the chest at Urgorl
    • Dark cave in Emyn-nu-Fuin
    • In locked chest south of Luxzúm
  • Embroidered Surcoat (+7 DB, 6lbs)
    • West from the Outcast below hidden 'stoneblock' in Tharbad zone
  • Roughly Stitched Cloak (+7 DB, Move regen +3, 2lbs)
    • In corpse behind hidden 'stone' guarded by cavebear, southwest from Isengard. Same as one BHSB load spot.
  • Black Hooded Cloak (+10 DB, Saving Spell +10, 7lbs)
    • Sage (kill or for darkies as a reward)
    • Eblees
  • Fine Grey Cloak (+10 DB, HP regen -1, 4lbs)
    • Eblees

Gloves (in the order of ease to get)

  • Fine soft leather gloves (+3 OB, Absorption 50% to 4dmg, 1lb)
    • In the peg at Luxzum the Shaman, northeast of Lorien. (Loads rarely)
    • Urumurk's cave in Emyn-nu-Fuin
    • Orgolk's cave in Emyn-nu-Fuin
    • Inside husk at Frychra (sometimes)
    • Part of Ocher's reward for saving the cow Buttercup (Trolls probably can't do the quest though, maybe BNs can)
  • Soft Leather Gloves (+1 OB, Absorption 40% to 2dmg, 1lb)
    • near Isengard in a corpse of a Man(WHERE???)
    • Wyrdda
  • Sturdy soft leather gloves (+2 OB, Absorption 45% to 3dmg, 1lb)
    • Urgorl (need Olog) (might not fit)

Furs (in the order of ease to get)

  • Cave bear fur (+5 OB, 13lbs)
    • On the troll mother behind 'ivypatch/trolldoor' northeast of Caravan.
    • Butcher the corpse of a cave bear.
    • Inside husk at Frychra (sometimes)
  • Black warg fur (+5 OB, 8lbs)
    • In skeleton underneath Dol Guldur guarded by bats
    • Butcher the corpse of the warg pack-leader, in the pine forest south of DT
    • On the ground, down from Shaghosh in Moria
    • Mezagor treasury
    • Inside husk at Frychra (sometimes)
  • Soot-black bear hide (+5 OB, 7lbs)
    • Butcher the corpse of soot, black bear in a cave near the entrance to Emyn.
  • Huge black bear fur (Artifact, +7 OB, 26lbs)
    • Butcher the corpse of Beorn


  • Horned helmet(+1 OB, -1 DB, 60% Absorption to 8dmg, 5lb)
    • Urgorl (might not fit)
    • In the sarcophagus guarded by the stone statues
    • Under 'stonehatch' northeast of Lorien
    • In one of the mounds in the Tangle (southern part of OFR)

Plain set

Item Effects Zone/Place
Plain shirt/dress

brown wool tunic (also eff vs cold)

Highest DB gain
  • Warrens, on rootdoor trolls
  • Near grasses exit (near Tall orc)
  • Eblees (mirkwood)
  • Ushurg (borders of mirkwood)
  • nw of Scarred
  • Near Isengard in a corpse of a Man (!)
  • Hood, shirt, sleeves, pants: Down 'largestump' exit east of Lorien (chest - needs +1/+3 picks - some locks are slighly random) (corpse)
  • Shirt, pants: In the corpse with the copperhead snake, behind secret 'woodendoor', east of the Anduin from Luxzum the Shaman
  • Tunic: Beorn chest (!!!)
Plain pants/trousers Highest DB gain
  • Near grasses exit (near Tall orc)
  • Eblees
  • Near 'largestump' exit near Lorien (chest - needs +1/+3 picks) (corpse)
  • Cotton pants: In the corpse behind the door, in the area with the trolls north of Azra-Zaira.
Plain hood Highest DB gain
  • Near expedition orc (near vale)
  • Near Isengaard in a corpse of a Man (!)
  • Near 'largestump' exit near Lorien (needs +1/+3 picks)
  • Hood: In the chest in the small orc outpost a little south east of Nagash.
Plain sleeves Highest OB gain
  • Near 'largestump' exit near Lorien (needs +1/+3 picks)
  • Eblees
  • Isen bridge, in clothesline
  • Inside husk at Frychra (sometimes)

Fine metal set

Maintaining the condition of metals requires a cross-pein hammer (swim to it at OIE). Muranog metals usually fit to large trolls.

Dol Guldur citizenship allows mending of metals. The armorer does not 'resize' metals meaning anyone with citizenship can mend for anyone else.

Item Effects Zone/Place
Great helm Low OB loss, armour
  • On huge troll in icedoor (!)
  • In corpse at Brood Mother in MoM (!).
Fine metal breastplate Moderate OB loss, armour
  • Muranog (!!) To be confirmed if fits!
  • Scaly monster (?)
  • Huge Olog in Eastern part of Shaghosh area
  • Fell Drake
Fine metal vambraces Moderate OB loss, armour
  • Muranog (!!)
  • Scaly (!!)
  • Fell Drake
Fine metal greaves Moderate DB loss, armour
  • Muranog (!!)
  • Scaly (!!)(confirmed)
  • Fell Drake
Fine metal gauntlets Low OB loss, armour
  • Muranog (!!)
  • Scaly (!!)(confirmed)
  • Luxzúm
  • Fell Drake
Fine metal boots Low DB loss, armour
  • Muranog's doesnt fit
  • Scaly (!!)
  • Fell Drake

Other metals

Item Effects Zone/Place
Fine chain sleeves Low OB loss, armour
  • grey troll near Ghostly Captain
Fine chain leggings Low OB loss, armour
  • Luxzúm
Item Effects Zone/Place
Other metals(besides helm and boots) Low OB loss, armour
  • filthy large troll
  • cave trolls in icedoor/warrens/filthy/gc trolls/Mezagor treasury/umuk(fine gauntlets, sturdy greaves+vambraces)
  • bulag(regular greaves+vambraces)
  • In Moria behind redeye under crack (vambraces)
  • skeleton southeast from Ingrove(sturdy breastplate)
  • In sarcophagus south east of Tharbad guarded by two guardian stone beasts ! (Full set of regular metals)
A spiked metal helmet Low db loss
  • Cave troll in escape route
  • Icedoor chest
A pair of metal boots Low db loss
  • Mezagor treasury
A pair of sturdy metal boots Higher db loss
  • Crusher(usually dont fit)
  • In skeleton guarded by shade in the newer Bree zones.


Most important thing for a shield is PB/weight/spell save ratio. Watch out for bad condition shields - they have lower PB. Shields that are not flawless can be worn so that they fit the user and then mended at Dol Guldur.

Item Effects Zone/Place
Metal wall shield Almost as good PB as Bejewelled shield, heavier than Bejewelled
  • Hidden near ABR
  • Filthy cave (!)
Large metal wall shield As good PB as Beje, heavier than Metal Wall shield
  • BBT (!!)
Bejewelled shield Very good PB, very light + help against spells (trolls cant mend this one)
  • Bloodwight (!!)
  • Eblees (!!)
Smelly piece of worm hide Very good PB, very light + help against spells
  • Sage rarely gives in exchange of glowsword
Tower shield Highest PB in game, Very heavy
  • Mithnaur the Dragon (!!)
Metal buckler +7 PB
  • Khuzur
Defiled dwarven shield Highest PB in game, Very heavy + help against certain spells
  • By corrupting a shield that loads on Balrog

Misc items

  • Chest at GC entrance (rare), butchering thick vines, khuzur chest, E Anduin on the Riverbank near Beorn's home
  • from hatch: all e 2s 1e

Whetstone loads from hatch: all e 2s 1e

  • Crooked Creature SE Lorien(crackedwall)
  • Malardil(reveal picks in Prison Cells)
  • Ask an orc to kill Assassin near Wolfgate (inside Noc)
  • Ask a BN to buy in Tharbad
Pick upgrades
  • 15 g to wary man in Sewers
  • kill Malardil and bring key to MA
  • These items have decent chance to get picks with Saruman upgrade + random upgrade: BSB, OIE book, Silvery Crown, purple scroll, bejewelled shield, defiled dwarven shield, BRD, dunadan blade, engraved hammer, ornate, warsword, PBS, banded ring
Leather jerkin & cap
  • Brolg
Some leathers
  • 2 vultures southwest of Brolg (open nest and down). Also check s Crusher(random)
Cap and pants
  • At Rock Khuzur (2e s 3e n open Rock n open wooden east open fur down get all corpse)
High boots, cap, jerkin and sleeves (rare)
  • At Vulture west of Khuzur(corpse)
Leather sleeves and gloves
  • Wyrdda
Move-regen cloaks in trollsize
  • Down tangle at BBT
  • Chest at Urgorl
  • Peg in wooden east of Rivendell (very rare)
  • Inside skeleton at rattlesnake outside Mrak on ABR
  • In chest at Ushurg
  • Crumbling cavern in Emyn-nu-Fuin
  • Dark cave in Emyn-nu-Fuin
full plain set (hood/shirt/sleeves/pants)
  • Down Largestump inside chest (picks +1 needed to pick)
Dunland vellum
  • Need star sapphire to loot from Ghostly Captain
Tharbad gate key
  • Kill enough guards, you can lure them behind pickable exit like staircase until one drops a key.
  • Tower south-west from Warrens
  • Keyring also loads in Dol Guldur (Where exactly???)

Areas and Strategies

  • When you get blinded in a fight, only way to cure blindness is to ask a Shaman or recite a purple scroll.(Can you recite when blind???) BNs don't have cure blind.
  • Always have some draughts/vellums for emergency since troll moves are very low. Wearing equipment that weights "tad uncomfortable" helps a lot.
    • Vellum creates lvl 25 Breath of Briskness so it cures everyone's moves in room+group.
    • To get draughts when you group with orcs, especially shamans, be polite and give them something before asking to mix. Also gather ingredients on your own.


  • 3 guildmasters: Crusher, Clunker, Smelly
    • All trolls in forest assist Smelly
  • All darkies have significant bonuses in Warrens: OB bonus, spellsave bonus, spell speed bonus, attack spell bonus.
    • A bashtrap with BNs and Shamans casting is most likely to succeed in Warrens.
  • There are 3 portable rooms in Warrens, 'The Cave', 2 ologs near rootdoor, inside rootdoor(???)
  • Noflee rooms:
    • You cannot flee into or out from hatch
    • You cannot flee d from Cave
    • You cannot flee into or out from slab
    • You cannot flee into or out from room with wargs


  • Having a boat in inventory in Sewers water rooms together with plenty of draughts is a way to survive being suntrapped if opponents don't have good swim/bob/clue, because there is a current in the water that drains moves fast without a boat. You can rest with boat.
  • Tharbad key is extremely useful to escape via city when sewers exits are blocked.
    • Either ask a BN to buy it or lure mobs to pickable exit like staircase until a guard with key arrives, because mobs always array in packs of 4.
      • Btw you can do Chief also this way.
      • If too many mobs arrive at once then reset and repeat.
  • If no key, pick s gate and w gate before going Sewers so you have a safe way out.
  • No 250ms delay in Sewers


  • Brolg room and tower are portable.
  • Bushes are not blockable.
  • Brolg cellar is diggable.
  • Advice: fight with mobs, choose when to fight in Brolg room because you can't flee during day, only escape.

OOC (Old Orkish Caves)

  • Good for daytime XP on the way to Moria. Consider that if pukes see you in OOC they might block egate to suntrap you.
  • Be prepared that Gumak might be killed and you cannot get into OOC - w of Gumak is not dark and is not diggable with Shovel.
    • A very common trap for pukes when they see you go OOC:
      • Enter wgate
      • Go eastgate, block the exit inside(5w from egate), wait there until you come, spam to egate and try block it fast. Sometimes people even close egate after entering.


  • A great place to spend a night since opponents take a considerable risk entering it.
    • Common trap is for a BN portal u slab and block slab and crack when opponents enter, waterhole is not blockable nor breakable(afaik???), w Monitor is not blockable.
    • If a BN is in trouble they can block themselves into grey spider/with lithes.
    • The troll mobs are safest for trolls
  • You will be likely dead suntrapped here alone vs 3 organized powerpukes


  • Try flee casters into guardian, they might fail flees. When they charge, they will try to blind you.


  • Gnarled trees can bash
  • You cannot escape from Eblees until a certain message

Anduin Vale

  • It is no longer possible to pick Beorn behind a door, it is possible to block him somewhere tho. Beorn house door is noblock.
  • Beorn requires a large and good group of trolls, one needs to be BN sanced for safety
    • Butcher for Huge black bear fur(+7OB 26lbs)
    • Drops key for his chest, in chest is Deep Black Orb (Eff v light 15lbs)
      • "hold orb" + "use orb" to create darkness (Other effects ???)
        • You hold a deep black orb.
        • Using all your strength, you throw a deep black orb to the ground.
        • As the orb breaks into pieces, a black mist spreads all around.
      • Erestor for pukes gives skillful-oil herblore for orb

LBF/Scaly monster area

  • If you try to kill scaly without kit, scaly will transform the room into deathtrap when it gets Wounded.
    • It is possible to kill him without a kit(read Gray's guide), but not worth the risk of DT-ing, especially since the kit is not that hard to get.
  • Good tactic as troll is to try fight opponents around scaly and try to flee enemies into scaly.
    • Scaly doesn't hit very hard, but it can bash, and has a special attack that inflicts 100-200 damage in one hit.
    • Underground Cavern 3w from stone guardians is safe room, scaly doesn't come there
  • The guardians have a high chance of blocking going west, so you can hitflee opponents at guardian room and 1e.
    • You can get past guardian mobs by using stun-powder. Even solo player can bash dis both and leave.
    • You can rescue guardians.
    • When both guardians are in bash delay you can leave w.
  • The room east of 2 guardians has exit east that needs a BN to have 'dispel magic' to open.
    • So if opponents enter scaly on you, you can lure them east guardian and your group enter via EP.
    • All exits in EP are blockable except 1w Priest(Can someone confirm please???)
    • The tower of EP is portable.
  • Great example by Kylhuk:


  • Good tactic for trolls is to flee opponents into tentacles and Kraken.
    • The higher strength you have the easier it is to break free from tentacles.
    • Tentacles will tie your hands meaning they can prevent casting.
    • Casting fire spells in water is not efficient.
  • Having boat in inventory prevents you from failing swims. (the lightest boat in MUME is "narrow grey boat" which loads around Lorien and darkies can get it only from killing opponents)
    • (Where does a boat load near Fornost???)
  • Great examples by Rotmos:

Wight Captain

  • 4 rooms in the tower where you can stand and not ruin the stairs:
    • door room
    • 2u from the door
    • max up
    • max d
  • All other rooms will eventually collapse. They collapse faster if multiple people stand there.
    • When rooms collapse you fall down. Only way to get out is extremely high climb or multiple tries. For trolls without climb pracced usually takes 5 tries.
    • Good idea to ask followers to turn follow off when fighting here, so rooms that collapse can survive longer.
  • Trolls can try collapse stairs on purpose, and try flee opponents d tower.
    • Good idea to turn off climb all d if you accidentally hit flee you will try to climb u and take damage

Bill Bert Tom (BBT)

  • Entering BBT costs up to 120HP depending on weight of the character
    • After entering turn off climb because otherwise if you flee up you keep losing 120HP
  • w, open boulder, s, 'climb hole' to get out.
  • Trolls can check if BBT is alive with: 'tell bert help'
  • Attacking BBT makes a troll up to level 40 wanted for 1 RL month
    • lvl 40+ will be 2 RL months wanted
    • Wanted wont disappear after reboot nor when you mobdie/sundie.
  • If you stay in Treasure cave need STR 25 to open it from inside.
  • When you trap there, here are couple ideas
    • Pukes might send a scout in to check if trolls inside. You can kill the scout, you will miss killing the whole group.
      • To avoid this you can wait behind door w s from entrance or w w from entrance in the cave. If they have more than 3 you might hear noise when they enter. (WILL YOU HEAR BATTLE NOISE???)
        • You could also use Saruman's watch room kit to watch the entrance.(detectable by 'detect magic')
        • It is technically possible for pukes to even check for that with scout ring from OIE, but almost noone ever bothers doing that.
    • Someone might cheat by asking a friend to type "where" with his troll near BBT
      • To avoid this somewhat: "cha incog where on"
      • Unfortunately you are not allowed to completely avoid it: "cha incog who on" (this command is currently disabled)


  • No 250ms movement delay.
  • If you have Muranog treasury key you have a safespot
    • Key decays after some time when you're outside Moria
  • If you have Bulag treasury key you also have a safespot.
    • The Bulag grey spider and Bulag will not repop with you in treasury.(Can someone confirm???)
    • Bulag treasure room has latch from inside
  • Example by Secret:,40913


  • Good area to spend night and use the lift, liche door key and climbing exits in your advantage
  • Helps if you are carrying 2-4 ropes
  • Here are some damages for falling in the lift shaft (Depends on your weight and encumbrance):
    • Top to bottom: 330hp
    • Top to middle: 85hp
    • Middle to w liche: 85hp
    • Top rope to bottom rope : 120hp
    • Middle rope to bottom rope: 65hp


  • All keys to all doors won't necessarily pop every time.
  • The damage of your fall there will depend on how high is the floor you are falling from, also the weight of you and your EQ. Falling from top floor will most likely kill anyone.
  • Armour spell won't protect BNs against that damage.


  • Loads Khuzur every half year.
  • To use: 'dig down', then dig either n s e w.
  • Costs 15 move points to dig one room.
  • Can't dig further down and can't dig up. Also limit to digging max distance N/E/S/W.
  • As all artifacts, it will decay in about 1 real-life week.
  • Most indoor rooms aren't diggable.
  • You can only dig 50 rooms total.
  • Anyone voided in the tunnels when they collapse is treated as if they entered a dt.
  • Tunnel will decay if nobody is in the tunnel at the next tick.


Some helpful scripts that show how many ticks till dawn/dusk.

Month substitutions

These are substitutions to help you know how many ticks are till day/night comes. All this information is taken from MUME "help month" file.

This is for JMC client

#substitute {Astron} {Astron [7pm-7am] (Early Spring)}
#substitute {Birithon} {Birithon [7pm-7am] (Late Autumn)}
#substitute {Blotmath} {Blotmath [8pm-7am] (Mid Autumn)}
#substitute {Cerveth} {Cerveth [9pm-5am] (Early Summer)}
#substitute {Forelithe} {Forelithe [8pm-6am] (Late Spring)}
#substitute {Foreyule} {Foreyule [7pm-7am] (Late Autumn)}
#substitute {Gwaeron} {Gwaeron [6pm-8am] (Late Winter)}
#substitute {Gwirith} {Gwirith [7pm-7am] (Early Spring)}
#substitute {Halimath} {Halimath [9pm-5am] (Late Summer)}
#substitute {Hithui} {Hithui [8pm-7am] (Mid Autumn)}
#substitute {Ivanneth} {Ivanneth [9pm-5am] (Late Summer)}
#substitute {Lothron} {Lothron [8pm-7am] (Mid Spring)}
#substitute {Narbeleth} {Narbeleth [8pm-6am] (Early Autumn)}
#substitute {Narwain} {Narwain [6pm-8am] (Early Winter)}
#substitute {Ninui} {Ninui [5pm-9am] (Mid Winter)}
#substitute {Norui} {Norui [8pm-6am] (Late Spring)}
#substitute {Rethe} {Rethe [6pm-8am] (Late Winter)}
#substitute {Solmath} {Solmath [5pm-9am] (Mid Winter)}

Speed Levelling guide

  • Best time to play troll is when the season is the closest to winter since nights are longer.
  • Also baneberries that are needed for getting gleaming belt pop at winter and for Necromancer entry.

Before Levelling

Popular to run TPs before the XP starts. As a level 4(5-10min), you can Prac 15xwilderness and run as deep into Shire as you can. Try swimdie but mobdie is fine as well. Get smooth and skip FGC because you need it later.

Level 1-6

  • Max Wilderness, Max Unarmed, get some Endurance and Parry

Mobs to kill: young trolls, spiders, bats, deers, warg, wolves

Level 6-14

This would be very good time to group with other trolls approx. your level. Get 3 troll group moving and you wont be needing to stop for heal (if you dont take too strong mobs)

Practice: bash (as it will get useful around level 8), rescue - if you are grouping.

Places: Warrens, forest, around DT, Wnoc.

Mobs: When you get your bash working poorly (~ 50%) you can take up troll bitch and maybe earth trolls, who will bash you if you dont. The same tactic works outside too, especially against solo mobs who are bashable, for example bear north of black boots, assassin near ep, bear inside "bushes" near SSC, solo black funguses SE from warrens.

Note: Troll infants will assist troll bitch. Earth trolls wont assist each other.

Time estimation: Can be done in 3-6 hours (depending on group size)

Level 14-21

Mobs: Bash will start working on higher mobs : old trolls, brutish trolls, grey mountain trolls, olog trolls, crusher, clunker, smelly troll. If large enough group - also guildmasters.

NOTE: Clunker will not assist his old trolls, but all the other mobs mentioned here do. Be extra careful in dreary forest when taking smelly down - you could have the whole forest assistting you!

Prac: About level 18-19 you have maxxed your unarmed combat (weapons much earlier) so you can start working on parry or track (if you are tracker). Pure unarmed trolls go for maxing endurance.

Time estimation: Can be done in 6-12 hours (depending on group yet again) - It is possible to gain 21 levels after 12 hours of exping.

Level 21-26

Prac: continue pracing track/endurance/parry or take up another weapon skill. Mobs: Now you can kill almost anything that is 1vs1 and not supermob. Now it time to move out of warrens to exp in goblin caves, wnoc(noc), ooc, mirkwood, moria or raid cities like Bree and Fornost. Nice to start collecting equipment from various places (shields, scrolls, weapons)

This is also the minimum level to start PKing heavily:)

Time Estimation: Can be done in 6-12 hours (depending on group)

Level 26+

A troll who doesnt mobdie/pkdie often can level up to 50 quite rapidly (in the triangle of necro eblees and Urgorl). After that it gets slower and slower - need to take up raiding or pk-ing.

By leveling forward you gain both OB and HP. (level 50 troll can have 200 OB and 700hp in Warrens with no special equipment). Weapon trolls will have even more OB.

Note: Only Svarten has made it to 100! We all love the Friendly Snowman!