Troll guide


Troll types

There are 3 types of trolls: Mountain, Cave and Hill trolls. There are slight differences between them as far as height is concerned, which means that different eq fits different trolls.

Unarmed Troll stats with no track

They are usually with max STR and CON:

Exp trolls:

Str:25 Int:5 Wis:5 Dex:12 Con:22 Wil:12 Per:6

Pk trolls: Substitute 1-2 CON for extra WIL:

Str:25 Int: 5 Wis: 5 Dex:12 Con:20 Wil:15 Per: 7.

Str:25 Int: 6 Wis: 5 Dex:12 Con:21 Wil:14 Per: 7.

These former 2 stat sets are most common troll stats. For a thorough analysis why are these stats good, please refer to the forum discussion below.

Unarmed with track (tracking for safe exp)

These trolls cannot track fast at all or they would have to sacrifice too much for INT and PER and risk making a non-viable character.

But if a troll wants to lead other trolls (and to guarantee their relative safety) its nice to track zone bottlenecks

Pure unarmed troll Str:25 Int:5 Wis:4 Dex:12 Con:22 Wil:12 Per:6 - track of 76% (27/27)

Tracker & Weapon Troll (for pk)

These trolls can track quicker because of more INT and PER, but STR lowered to 20-23. Trolls with track are not common though because usually trolls ask bns when tracking is necessary.

Type of Troll Unarmed tracker Weapon troll & tracker
Base stats Str:25 Int:7 Wis:4 Dex:14 Con:20 Wil:12 Per:8 Str:23 Int:12 Wis:4 Dex:12 Con:22 Wil:10 Per:12 For more information about stats and mechanisms behind them please go to forum discussion:
level:1st age hp/moves 31:590/135(2nd age) 31:621/136
bash 29/40 96% 37/40 96%
endurance 22/58 81% 32/58 91%
parry 10/23 64% 7/23 56%
rescue 3/ 8 51% 3/ 8 46%
swim 3/ 3 49% 3/ 3 55%
track 27/27 76% 26/27 91%
wilderness 26/27 130% 24/27 125%
unarmed 31/34 96% -
weapon1 - two-handed:21/23 106%


Troll receives random hp loss when they are in the sun. Might be from 1hp to all hp.

Leveling a troll is easy (even alone), but the most frustrating aspect of it is sundeath. When you sundie you will be level 1 with all the mobiles and players you killed in your trophy - type 'reborn' to clean your trophy - otherwise leveling up gets more difficult.

Sundeath is not the worst aspect - leaving your fellow trolls into sun is much worse!

Linkdrop is the most useful feature to avoid sundeath. Set linkdrop even if you have stable connection!

Avoiding Sundeath

1. Have at least all the months substituted (meaning knowing when dusk and dawn is).

Also it useful to have a timer which tells you how many minutes till either dusk or dawn. Example:

TIME: 2pm -=|NIGHT: 9pm DAWN: 5am|=-

2. Know the zone you are playing in - the dark and sunny spots. This is especially needed when dealing with enemy races.

3. Moveless troll is a dead troll - have orkish draughts for emergencies- just to get to dark spot before sun comes up. Also, maximize your wilderness skill latest on hero level - always!

4. Dont be greedy when exping in open

5. Always be already close to your favoured dark spot when you get the 'sun will rise in a minute' message.

6. When following - make sure your leader is qualified to lead and warn him when time is of short supply and urge him to go into dark spot.

7. When PKing - pukes will know that you wont risk fleeing when sunny exit is near and almost always fight and/or lure you there (cowardly and dishonorable like they are).

8. After you have taken a fight next to the sun exit (see previous step), remember always to change your wimpy flee to 0 "cha wim 0" to avoid accidental fleeing into the sun.

9. Dont Sunwalk - bad example here.

10. Be aware of the possibility that you can be slept by sleep spell. When you are not awaken, you can sundie when day begins. This is very rare practice because this is heavily frowned upon in small community. In order to avoid that happening though, you can try to avoid getting cast at in open rooms by people who are known to do that. You can also help to prevent that by having maximum willpower and wearing spell saving equipment.

Common ways how people sundie

  • Old fornost sun room in castle.
  • Mormaeg sun room inside.
  • Warrens trees place - by going 2e or s e or s s e from roots. Secret sunned his lvl 73 troll there.
  • Another way to successfully sun your troll is going Old Forest and getting lost there(very common).
  • Trying to go to OOC for night and discover that Gumak is dead
  • Generally when followers spam dirs at the same time when the leader does. Good rule of thumb - always fol self during day before typing any dir
  • By typing "le" instead of "l e" which instead of look east means leave
  • Accidentally hitting flee hotkey or forgetting wimpy

Leveling guide

Note that the information in this guide is mostly what you can do in/near warrens.

Also note that best time to play troll is when the season is the closest to winter since nights are longer. Another reason might be that baneberries that are needed for getting gleaming belt pop at winter. Another factor when choosing to play troll is the age. Trolls as all other warriors in MUME, are most powerful in certain ages. For more on that, check help files on age in game.

Before Levelling

Trolls, like all the other characters in MUME, need certain amount of xp and certain amount of tps to make it to the next level. Although the tps requirements are considerably easier for trolls than for the other races, it is also considerably more annoying to notice during well-proceeding "warrens xp" during the day, that some tps are needed for the next level.

Thus, it is a popular tactic to run some tps before the xping really starts. As a level one or level two, you can prac some endurance, wilderness, swim and start running. Run Forrest Run, there is absolutely nothing to lose!

Level 1-6

Practice: unarmed (if no weapon), endurance, max swim, get about 60% wilderness

Mobs to kill: young trolls, spiders, bats, deers, warg, wolves - all 1vs1

Time estimation: can be done within first 30 minutes.

Level 6-14

This would be very good time to group with other trolls approx. your level. Get 3 troll group moving and you wont be needing to stop for heal (if you dont take too strong mobs)

Practice: bash (as it will get useful around level 8), rescue - if you are grouping.

Places: Warrens, forest, around DT, Wnoc.

Mobs: When you get your bash working poorly (~ 50%) you can take up troll bitch and maybe earth trolls, who will bash you if you dont. The same tactic works outside too, especially against solo mobs who are bashable, for example bear north of black boots, assassin near ep, bear inside "bushes" near SSC, solo black funguses SE from warrens.

Note: Troll infants will assist troll bitch. Earth trolls wont assist each other.

Time estimation: Can be done in 3-6 hours (depending on group size)

Level 14-21

Mobs: Bash will start working on higher mobs : old trolls, brutish trolls, grey mountain trolls, olog trolls, crusher, clunker, smelly troll. If large enough group - also guildmasters.

NOTE: Clunker will not assist his old trolls, but all the other mobs mentioned here do. Be extra careful in dreary forest when taking smelly down - you could have the whole forest assistting you!

Prac: About level 18-19 you have maxxed your unarmed combat (weapons much earlier) so you can start working on parry or track (if you are tracker). Pure unarmed trolls go for maxing endurance.

Time estimation: Can be done in 6-12 hours (depending on group yet again) - It is possible to gain 21 levels after 12 hours of exping.

Level 21-26

Prac: continue pracing track/endurance/parry or take up another weapon skill. Mobs: Now you can kill almost anything that is 1vs1 and not supermob. Now it time to move out of warrens to exp in goblin caves, wnoc(noc), ooc, mirkwood, moria or raid cities like Bree and Fornost. Nice to start collecting equipment from various places (shields, scrolls, weapons)

This is also the minimum level to start PKing heavily:)

Time Estimation: Can be done in 6-12 hours (depending on group)

Level 26+

A troll who doesnt mobdie/pkdie often can level up to 50 quite rapidly (in the triangle of necro eblees and Urgorl). After that it gets slower and slower - need to take up raiding or pk-ing.

By leveling forward you gain both OB and HP. (level 50 troll can have 200 OB and 700hp in Warrens with no special equipment). Weapon trolls will have even more OB.

Note that no troll has ever reached level 100 yet - you can be the first one!



General reminders:

  • No 1 exping place for troll(s)
  • Has 3 guildmasters: Crusher - the warrior, Clunker - the thief (escape and search) and smelly, who is in dreary forest(swim, wilderness, track, awareness)
  • Consists of ~100 rooms - learn the room names for successful pk.
  • This is the best area for a troll to be, all darkies have significant bonuses in here. Some of which are: OB bonus(and damage), spell save bonus, spell speed bonus, attack spell bonus etc.
  • All troll mobs in Warrens are neutral to troll players - but not to orcs and bns
  • Olog mobs will not attack bns and torcs - dont kill these unless its safe for players that seek the safety of Warrens.
  • There are 3 portable rooms in warrrens, 'The Cave' being one of them
  • Abandoned Cellar has exit up (hatch) which is noflee - you will not flee up - however you can flee east. You also cannot flee d from hatch and d from cave. Similar rooms are d slab, where you cannot flee u, u can flee n. You cannot flee d from slab either. Also the room with wargs is noflee(both out and in).
  • Grinder is the innkeeper for trolls - is the hardest troll to kill in all of Arda. Know that while Grinder is a very hard mob to kill, you sitting there is not.

OOC (Old Orkish Caves)

This is a place that is situated in Redhorn Pass, near Icedoor and Khuzur. For trolls it is good place to be during day and still get experience by killing mobs. There is about 50 dark rooms.

There are several orc patrols (consists of orc mobs), Sage + his bodyguards, Gumak(doorkeeper), orc innkeeper (is aggressive to trolls) and a couple other mobs. Most mobs can be done solo by every troll. Two level 21+ Trolls can kill everything in this place (sage demands more skill).

Getting to OOC: When you plan to go there, make sure you have enough nighttime and moves - be prepared that Gumak might be killed and you cannot get in ooc - w of Gumak is not dark and is nodig (see Shovel). Thus you have to walk back to dark place and cross move-costly rooms (and possibly sundie).

WNOC/Slag Pit

A great place to spend a night since opponents take a considerable risk entering it, because it is easy to call for help from other races.


When xping in Mirkwood forests there are only a few pointers to follow.

  • Gnarled trees can bash
  • You cannot escape from Eblees until a certain message

Anduin Vale

  • It is no longer possible to pick Beorn behind a door, it is possible to block him somewhere tho. Beorn house door is noblock.
  • Beorn requires a large and good group of trolls, reward is a nice fur and one other really nice item in his chest.

Unsized Equipment

Giving directions where to find equipment tries to obey wiki rules (no detailed information how to get there or exits) - just hints.

! - needs olog to get it

!! - needs smob group (usually 4 legend trolls to be sure, sometimes less)

? - needs to be verified

The most basic equiment a troll must have is a cloak and pair of boots:

Item Effects Zone/Place
Forest Green Cloak Moderate DB, Highest moves regen
  • BBT
  • Near Mrak
  • Near ABR grey trolls
  • Near RD
  • Eblees
  • In Gwathion's gear.
  • In corpse in cave-in south of Mirkwood morass in MoM.
Ragged, Blackened Cloak Moderate DB, Highest moves regen
  • Near Ushurg
  • Near Urgorl
  • In locked chest south of Luxzúm
Mottled Cloak Higher DB
  • Near dreary forest on ground
  • Near Mrak on ground
  • Near 'grasses' exit (dunland)
Roughly Stitched Cloak Higher DB, Low move regen
  • Near Isengard in a corpse of a Man (!)
Black Hooded Cloak Highest DB
  • Sage might give in exchange for glowsword
  • Eblees
Fine Grey Cloak Highest DB, slows HP regen
  • Eblees
Black warg fur Highest OB
  • Shaghosh, Mezagor treasury, on troll near DT
Black Smooth Boots Move cost loss
  • Near warrens tower in skeleton
Black Padded Boots Move cost loss, some armour
  • Near goblin caves in skeleton
Pair of knee-high hunting boots Move cost loss, decent armour, semi-artifact
  • In Gwathion's gear
Soft Leather Gloves Low OB gain
  • Wyrdda (!!)
  • near Isengaard in a corpse of a Man (!)
Sturdy soft leather gloves Moderate OB gain
  • Urgorl (!) (might not fit)
Fine soft leather gloves Highest OB gain
  • Luxzúm
Soft leather jerkin high OB gain,
  • Skeleton southeast from Ingrove
A pair of soft leather trousers high OB gain
  • Skeleton southeast from Ingrove
Horned helmet Low OB gain, Low DB loss
  • Urgorl (!) (might not fit)

But there is equipment what troll could get:

Plain set

Item Effects Zone/Place
Plain shirt/dress

brown wool tunic (also eff vs cold)

Highest DB gain
  • Warrens, on rootdoor trolls
  • Near grasses exit (near Tall orc)
  • Eblees (mirkwood)
  • Ushurg (borders of mirkwood)
  • nw of Scarred
  • Near Isengard in a corpse of a Man (!)
  • Near 'largestump' exit near Lorien (chest - needs +1/+3 picks - some locks are slighly random) (corpse)
  • Tunic: Beorn chest (!!!)
Plain pants/trousers Highest DB gain
  • Near grasses exit (near Tall orc)
  • Eblees
  • Near 'largestump' exit near Lorien (chest - needs +1/+3 picks) (corpse)
Plain hood Highest DB gain
  • Near expedition orc (near vale)
  • Near Isengaard in a corpse of a Man (!)
  • Near 'largestump' exit near Lorien (needs +1/+3 picks)
Plain sleeves Highest OB gain
  • Near 'largestump' exit near Lorien (needs +1/+3 picks)
  • Eblees
  • Isen bridge, in clothesline

Fine metal set

Maintaining the condition of metals requires a cross-pein hammer (swim to it at OIE). Muranog metals usually fit to large trolls

Item Effects Zone/Place
Great helm Low OB loss, armour
  • On huge troll in icedoor (!)
  • In corpse at Brood Mother in MoM (!).
Fine metal breastplate Moderate OB loss, armour
  • Muranog (!!) To be confirmed if fits!
  • Scaly monster (?)
  • Huge Olog in Eastern part of Shaghosh area
Fine metal vambraces Moderate OB loss, armour
  • Muranog (!!)
  • Scaly (!!)
Fine metal greaves Moderate DB loss, armour
  • Muranog (!!)
  • Scaly (!!)(confirmed)
Fine metal gauntlets Low OB loss, armour
  • Muranog (!!)
  • Scaly (!!)(confirmed)
  • Luxzúm
Fine metal boots Low DB loss, armour
  • Muranog's doesnt fit
  • Scaly (!!)

Other metals

Item Effects Zone/Place
Fine chain sleeves Low OB loss, armour
  • grey troll near Ghostly Captain
Fine chain leggings Low OB loss, armour
  • Luxzúm
Item Effects Zone/Place
Other metals(besides helm and boots) Low OB loss, armour
  • filthy large troll
  • cave trolls in icedoor/warrens/filthy/gc trolls/Mezagor treasury/umuk(fine gauntlets, sturdy greaves+vambraces)
  • bulag(regular greaves+vambraces)
  • In Moria behind redeye under crack (vambraces)
  • skeleton southeast from Ingrove(sturdy breastplate)
  • In sarcophagus south east of Tharbad guarded by two guardian stone beasts ! (Full set of regular metals)
A spiked metal helmet Low db loss
  • Cave troll in escape route
  • Icedoor chest
A pair of metal boots Low db loss
  • Mezagor treasury
A pair of sturdy metal boots Higher db loss
  • Crusher(usually dont fit)
  • In skeleton guarded by shade in the newer Bree zones.


Most important thing for a shield is PB/weight/spell save ratio. Watch out for bad condition shields - they have lower PB.

Item Effects Zone/Place
Metal wall shield Almost as good PB as Bejewelled shield, heavier than Bejewelled
  • Hidden near ABR
  • Filthy cave (!)
Large metal wall shield As good PB as Beje, heavier than Metal Wall shield
  • BBT (!!)
Bejewelled shield Very good PB, very light + help against spells (trolls cant mend this one)
  • Bloodwight (!!)
  • Eblees (!!)
Smelly piece of worm hide Very good PB, very light + help against spells
  • Sage rarely gives in exchange of glowsword
Tower shield Highest PB in game, Very heavy
  • Mithnaur the Dragon (!!)
Defiled dwarven shield Highest PB in game, Very heavy + help against certain spells
  • By corrupting a shield that loads on Balrog

Misc items

  • Butchering thick vines, khuzur chest, near beorn on a river bank

Trolls and PK


Everything that reduces movecost will be of high value to every troll. That's why in addition to boots, forest green cloak(or other mp regen cloaks) and gleaming belts(or other mp regen belt) trolls will try to stock draughts and vellum scrolls. Since trolls can't mix draughts, they gather ingredients and ask orcs(nicely) to do that for them. Vellums are good to have because you can stack them on top of draughts, you can use them on yourself as well as others. Draughts also load on Brolg and Sage gives them in return for some items attainable from pk. Note that looting foci items is generally frowned upon among your opponents.

Another thing that helps trolls stay alive is spell saving bonus. In addition to maximising Willpower, trolls try to get as much spell save equipment as possible. Avoiding specifics, wearing (spell saving) shields will reduce unarmed damage though. Exception is one special kind of buckler.

A great help for survivability is also having another player who can cast darkness. This spell will create a short term night in the zone. There is also a certain item that trolls can use for creating that effect.

One of the most common tactics against trolls is to blind at least one of them. You'll stay blinded for about a minute and a half. To prevent that from happening you can ask bns or high level orcs for cure against it or recite a certain type of scroll that is quite easy to get for trolls.

Being suntrapped

Because all trolls have to consider spending day in these locations: 1-2 defence situations are given. Publishing whole information of how to do it would be against the wiki rules.


Good place to make the enemy races work until they get to you.

Brolg room is portable - this makes brolg a good portaltrap place.

All the exits are blockable - except bushes - you need to spamclose bushes in order to keep the puke in. General advice is not to kill the mobs, when day is long from over.

Suntrapped1: Fighting beside mobs. Although mobs wont hit sanced pukes very hard its still a thorn in their eye. Get a non-sanced puke bashed at mobs and they will hit quite nicely.

Suntrapped2: With blocker. Note that when pukes charge you in Brolg room, they most likely open door to up, which is sunny room - thus making you engaged there and you cannot flee (although you could use 'escape' skill). So if you have a blocker (only bns block) you might want to have it blocked beforehand. Also, when pukes charge with a non-overkill group, they most likely get separated when you hit a spellcaster who then flees. Fastblocking 'crack' exit w of cellar is a nice way to deal with a smaller part of the group first charged on you.

Suntrapped2: Brolg cellar is diggable room - you need the huge shovel to dig a maze there. This is usually good for catching big overkill groups with same amount of darkies online. Get the pukes fleeing and they most likely get lost (due to mappers not working there)

LBF/Scaly monster area

Do not even try killing scaly beast without the kit - scaly will transform the room it is in into deathtrap when it gets wounded or so. Only very skilled & good linked players may attempt this - but may mobdie.

Suntrapped tactics 1: Players can go through the scaly maze (head east in general) and meet with 2 guardians, who load the scaly kit herblore. Once you are one room east of them, they wont allow you to flee west almost at all (still possible). You can get past guardian mobs by using powder though. There is only one safe room for the group - east of them. About guardians:

  • solo player can bash dis both and leave
  • you can rescue guardians
  • when both guardians are in bash delay you can leave w

Suntrapped tactics 2: See 'Suntrapped1' for information. The room east of 2 guardians has east exit that needs a bn to have 'dispel magic' to open. Can take the fight to 'evil priest' rooms - one room s of Priest is blockable and the exit w of him isn't. There is also one portable room in EP.

Suntrapped tactics 3: If scaly monster is alive and you have troll only group - you could 'dance around' scaly monster itself. This needs players who know what they are doing and also good link.

Suntrapped tactics 4: Always could go to lbf area and be protected by the 3 orc mobs in room - take in account the sunny rooms and that enemies might open them to prevent you from fleeing. choosing this location is especially good idea when your group has players with high WIL (13+) - so the very probable blinder/sleeper might fail few tries so you can all make it disengage the battle.


Doing this smob will reward you a gleaming belt (more move regen)

Great example by Kylhuk:,22558&mark=scaly


Another great place to fight when you are outnumbered. Skillful players can use the dynamics of tentacles and Kraken in their favor. Keep in mind:

  • Having boat in inventory prevents you from failing swims (the lightest boat in MUME loads around Lorien and darkies can get it only from killing opponents)
  • Casting fire spells in water is not efficient
  • Tentacles will tie your hands meaning they can prevent casting
  • The higher strength you have the easier it is to break free

Great examples here:

By Rotmos:,59157&mark=kraken

Wight Captain

Location: e of brush, w of last bridge

NOTE: Some stairs collapse. Also, when leading 4+ players - make the followers move first on their own.

Suntrapped: You can collapse the stairs in the bottom of the Tower. When your opponent now tries to flee it will attempt to climb and most likely fail - to a troll this is nothing, but if a puke has to flee and fail it will be larger % of hp loss. If the danger is passed, trolls can still exit the tower - usually takes up to 5 tries.

Reward: possible broad silver belt.

Bill Bert Tom (BBT)

BBT is a place where 3 Crusher/Clunker-like trolls reside - they are south-west of warrens near the Great East Road. If a nearby battle has gone ill or you need a safe haven to where to rest - this is the place to be. Be aware that entering BBT costs up to 120hp (you will fall in there).

General reminders:

  • open tangle to get in (room with skeleton that loads 1 war arrow)
  • Has 5 rooms total
  • 'tell bert help' - to check if its alive.
  • Good place to wait for pk - see pk section.
  • Attacking BBT makes troll up to level 40 wanted for 1 real-life month (40+ is 2 rl months wanted).
  • Wanted wont dissappear after reboot nor when you mobdie/sundie.
  • Treasure cave (needs heavy key to unlock from outside/but just 25 str to open/close from inside) - exitname rock
  • w, open boulder, s, 'climb hole' to get out.
  • The best place for a bored olog to wait until pukes arrive.


Lots of pk possibilities there, relatively safe for trolls. No 250ms movement delays, so very nice for fast spamming. Extremely safe if u have Muranog treasury key(btw that decays after some time when you're outside Moria). Couple of cool features that are good to know such as showed here by Secret:,40913


Good area to spend night and use the lift, liche door key and climbing exits in your advantage. Helps if you are carrying 2-4 ropes. Here are some damages for falling there(it does depend on your weight and encumbrance):

from top to bottom: 330hp

form middle to w liche: 85hp

from top to middle: 85hp

from top rope to bottom rope : 120hp

from middle rope to bottom rope: 65hp


A great place to outplay opponents, does require a very good knowledge of the area. Note that all keys to all doors won't necessarily pop every time. The damage of your fall there will depend on how high is the floor you are falling from, also the weight of you and your eq. Armour spell won't protect BNs against that damage.

Troll Code of Honor

Few trolls play nowadays - everyone must stick together. No sameside killing!

Troll's Special

Unarmed combat

  • Martial art specially designed for trolls.
  • Max is 104% (34/34)
  • When wearing a shield, damage is reduced (all shields but not bucklers)

Unarmed combat vs two-handed weapons

  • Unarmed DPS is a lot bigger than warsword/war mattock. Only smiter troll with war mattock that is fighting a target wearing metals can match the DPS of an unarmed troll. The difference is that weapons have ~10-12 OB compared to unarmed. This difference is overcome by parrysplit, OB gain by levels and equipment. That is why most trolls choose to be unarmed.
  • Smiting has more OB - so its better to hitflee pukes. (Although high level troll have high OB anyways). In level range of lvl 40-50 there is virtually no reason to choose weapons over unarmed because unarmed OB is then high enough to be effective in PK.
  • Weapons don't give +20 OB compared to Unarmed. Unarmed skill gives +30 OB at 100% while weapon skills give +20 OB at 100%. Most trolls don't get 100% in Unarmed while most get a bit more in weapon skills so with a +20 OB weapon a troll usually ends up around +12 OB when wielding a weapon compared to when Unarmed.
  • To clarify last point even further: It is 20 OB(100% weapon skill) + 20 OB(weapon) vs 30 OB(100% unarmed skill). Typically you end up having higher % in weaponskill than you would have in unarmed (unarmed is harder to learn), hence the additional 2 OB of difference
  • You need not to be weapon troll for effective buffing. Few pracs in slash(not more than 5-10) and eng bs (or dcs if lucky) + bej work even on unarmed troll. Same goes with protect, having weapon doesn't improve your protect in any way.
By Belómir on defensive trolls:
"As far as I know 60% of certain OB bonuses (ruby ring, weapon skill, bless, enchant bonus, but not weapon OB bonus) are shifted to PB when in wimpy mood.
Two different trolls of mine: Eq is basically identical with the difference being that one has an engraved broadsword while the other is unarmed, and they are within 5 levels of each other.
Unarmed (45% parry, 97% unarmed, 37 pracs): 117 PB in Warrens
Slashing (75% parry, 75% slashing, 100% concussion, 45 pracs): 125 PB in Warrens
So almost a best case scenario for the troll with a sword and it doesn't even get 10 more PB... If they both had the same amount of pracs in parry the difference would be less than 5 PB. Dropping your damage by at least 50% (more in practice if you factor in how abs works) for about 5 extra PB doesn't seem worth it IMO."


  • Can load on Khuzur (near redhorn) every half year.
  • Is the only artifact for just trolls.
  • Trolls can dig tunnels with it.
  • Costs 15 move points to dig one room.
  • To use: 'dig down', then dig either n s e w.
  • Once you have dug down you cannot dig up or down again (Cannot advance rooms by digging west and end up in Bree - although it should be this way!)
  • As all artefacts, it will decay in about 1 real-life week.
  • Remember - dont expect every room to be digable (Most indoor rooms arent)
  • You can only dig 50 rooms.
  • Anyone voided in the tunnels when they collapse is treated as if they entered a dt.
  • Tunnel will decay if nobody is in the tunnel at the next tick.


  • Troll cannot practice climb easily. There is a guildmaster in the Old Forest Road area of Mirkwood who will teach a little bit of climb to trolls. But, first, the potential trainee must bring him a puke corpse. This gm loads in a hidden troll cave north of the road.
  • Some climb exits do not require climb at all - just take few tries and consume HP. (stairs in Wight captain)
  • Trolls need 2 ropes to climb 100% - 1 for holding and 1 for tieing (tie rope dir).
  • Is helpful when going to Ghostly captain Unqalome, Tharbad sewers or crossing river Isen.


  • Trolls do not have shops and need bns (from Tharbad) and orcs (from NOC) for the shopping. Having a tharbad gate key is a huge help when pking or xping in tharbad sewers. Keyrings and lockpicks can be asked from orcs.
  • Trolls cannot see orcs in their "who" or "where" commands. They need to have them grouped. Only bns can group trolls with orcs.
  • Trolls dont have mender for their equipment (although they can mend metals with a cross-pein hammer) and thus need to seek nosize piece. (although bent troll in trollshaws did back in Mume IV).
  • Trolls can consume equipment/coins/corpses for food. When a troll eats a corpse, it will have its stomach filled for a long time (about 2 mume days). When you eat regular foods like meat, you will get hungry like rest of the races. Some trolls eat meat though, so they would be hungry when they are suntrapped and glowing pukesquad is about to storm in - then they can eat their entire set and leave pukes with nothing!
  • Since trolls dont have 'pick' skill - nicely upgraded picks are required. Most locks are random, so few tries with picks usually work. 5 upgrades is needed for safely picking lbf door. Most exits can be bashed too, since bashing exits depends on strength it is very efficient even in pk and with blocked exits.
  • It is more difficult for trolls to get Blood of Sauron effect since the mob giving the item for it is aggressive vs trolls. Trolls can ask orcs to help them getting it. This effect will give +2 str for 15minutes.
  • Troll players cannot ride Fell Beasts.
  • Troll player won't get any advantage from the effect of orcish battle horn.
  • Troll players do get OB bonus for Sauron's darkness. One way to achieve it is by sarcificing certain neck-pieces to our Lord Sauron. "Map Global Darkness" shows Sauron's influence.
  • There is no way for trolls to mend shining.
  • Trolls and the Necromancer have a special relationship. Trolls can provide him with certain kind of berries and Necromancer will offer his alliance for the session. Call it quid pro quo relationship if you will. Or even Manus manum lavat. OR tit for tat. Possibilities are endless..


Some helpful scripts that show how many ticks till dawn/dusk.

Month substitutions

These are substitutions to help you know how many ticks are till day/night comes. All this information is taken from MUME "help month" file.

This is for JMC client

#substitute {Astron} {Astron [7pm-7am] (Early Spring)}
#substitute {Birithon} {Birithon [7pm-7am] (Late Autumn)}
#substitute {Blotmath} {Blotmath [8pm-7am] (Mid Autumn)}
#substitute {Cerveth} {Cerveth [9pm-5am] (Early Summer)}
#substitute {Forelithe} {Forelithe [8pm-6am] (Late Spring)}
#substitute {Foreyule} {Foreyule [7pm-7am] (Late Autumn)}
#substitute {Gwaeron} {Gwaeron [6pm-8am] (Late Winter)}
#substitute {Gwirith} {Gwirith [7pm-7am] (Early Spring)}
#substitute {Halimath} {Halimath [9pm-5am] (Late Summer)}
#substitute {Hithui} {Hithui [8pm-7am] (Mid Autumn)}
#substitute {Ivanneth} {Ivanneth [9pm-5am] (Late Summer)}
#substitute {Lothron} {Lothron [8pm-7am] (Mid Spring)}
#substitute {Narbeleth} {Narbeleth [8pm-6am] (Early Autumn)}
#substitute {Narwain} {Narwain [6pm-8am] (Early Winter)}
#substitute {Ninui} {Ninui [5pm-9am] (Mid Winter)}
#substitute {Norui} {Norui [8pm-6am] (Late Spring)}
#substitute {Rethe} {Rethe [6pm-8am] (Late Winter)}
#substitute {Solmath} {Solmath [5pm-9am] (Mid Winter)}