Recent changes (Promotion, Backstab, Trolls, Harle, GMCP)

Date:Mon Mar 6 04:11:09 2023
  • We congratulate Rana on his promotion to Mb. Congratulations!
  • backstab will once again work against unengaged casters that are casting offensive spells. (Thanks Eolo for finding this 20 year old bug!)
  • Two fixes were done to the Mountain Troll ability wild swing.
    • You will now do wild swings even if blinded. With reduced OB of course.
    • The damage has in most cases been increased. This due to a bugfix.
    These fixes also apply to mobiles who swing wildly - be warned! (Rogon)
  • Hill trolls enjoy storming into battle and get a higher offensive bonus when aggressive or berserk.
  • Harle will now ride appropriate sized mounts.
  • Some additions to GMCP were added (thanks Ulyruyn for the ideas): (Dain)

    • Messages you send (using say, tell, etc.) will now also be sent as GMCP Comm.Channel.Text messages. See help gmcp for more information.
    • GMCP Core.Vitals now also contains the name of your opponent (in the opponent field) and the one they are fighting (in the buffer field).
    • GMCP Room.Chars character fields now have an "opponent" flag on your current fight opponent.