In order to progress in MUME, you will need to practice skills. When you begin the game you will be given a number of 'practice sessions,' which may be used in any guild. As you gain levels, you are also awarded more sessions.

The results of practicing a skill will depend on your class. One session is always required to practice in any guild, however, the practices needed to further your knowledge of skills is slower when you practice skills not tied to your class. For example, if a thief with the same stats as a warrior practices the skill 'parry' once he will spend 1 practice but gain around the half the knowledge the warrior would - to gain the same % knowledge as the warrior, the thief must spend 2 practice sessions.

Each time you practice a given skill, your efficiency (%) will increase. You can see your current efficiency as a percentage by using the Practice command with no argument. This will also show what skills you may practice, when you are in a guild.

Some skills are easier or harder to learn than others in the same group (the % increase will be quicker or slower). The gain in knowledge in a skill per practice session is also related to your stats - note that only unmodified (natural) stats are considered for practicing purposes. That is, the stats unaffected by age, spells and equipment.

When you learn a skill outside your class, this skill will be less efficient than for a character of that class. For example, a level 20 mage using backstab will be as proficient as a level 13 thief. Here is the correspondence table for effective levels used for skills: 1 -> 100%, 2 -> 83%, 3 -> 67%, 4 -> 50%

Practice sessions are cumulative. If you don't want to learn any skills at a certain level, they will be carried on to the next level where you can use them, if you wish. This is especially useful for spell casters, as they receive access to new spells as they gain levels.

If unused for a long time skills might be forgotten. Each time you forget some knowledge in a skill, you will regain one practice point. This decay is based on online time, not RL time. Thus if you don't play very often you are no more affected by this change than people who play often. Also, because of the fact you can decay skills, no more practice resets will be granted, so please do not ask for one.

To help prevent your skills decaying, use the command train all. Train all will refresh any skill that has not been recently used. For more information see "train."

Since skills can decay, practice resets will NOT be given under any circumstances. However, retired people can get a practice reset after 30 days. "retire" will provide complete details.


> practice
> practice ride