Playing MUME!

Doors of Durin

MUME is a complex and rich text-based game with an incredibly hard learning curve. If you learn the commands and features, your life may be fulfilling and rewarding; otherwise, it may be frustratingly short!

We strongly recommend that you browse the newcomers page for important survival information before you start playing. That being said, the information is also available in-game, so feel free to jump on in.

There are three ways to play MUME, all completely free:

From your browser

The web client is the simplest option, recommended if you want to get a quick feel of the game. Also, it should work from most corporate/school networks, whereas MUD clients (below) may not.


For older browsers, you can also try this client.

Using MMapper

This is the most powerful option, but requires installing and configuring software on your computer. MMapper is a client and mapper that shows your current position within Arda on a graphical map.

Download and install MMapper for your platform. When starting MMapper, you will be given the option to either use the built-in client (great for a quick start) or to connect your own MUD client to MMapper.

If you want to use a MUD client with MMapper, just connect to localhost port 4242 and you are ready to go.

Download MMapper

For alternatives, you can check out the mappers page.

Using a MUD client

MUME was originally intended to be played using telnet or a MUD client. There was no visual map to aid you and players would map out the world in their head or draw it down on paper. This is now the least popular option and most of our power-players use a MUD client with MMapper.

If you already have a MUD client, just connect to mume.org port 4242 and you are ready to go.

If you do not have a client, a good option to download and install would be Mudlet.

Download Mudlet

For alternatives, check out our clients help for guidance on what to search for on the web.