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13 Oct 2021 Currently you can only connect to the game on port 4242.
The standard telnet port 23 is not reachable.
18 June 2021 Uploaded a new hand-drawn image for the favicon
27 August 2020 Website overhaul to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Frontpage reworked to include main features
  • Switched directory CamelCase naming convention to lowercase for mobile devices
  • Created canonical URLs and redirect all www requests to non-www
  • Reduced the depth of our URI which hurts page rank (/Import is not used anymore)
  • Used human readable URIs for help/rules/dictionary to help page rank
27 June 2020 The MUME web site has been redesigned to embrace HTML5!
15 November 2019 This website is now available on the HTTPS standard port.
If you used to point your telnet client at mume.org port 443, please use port 23 or 4242 instead.
If this is not an option for you, check out the web client instead.
12 November 2017 MUME has moved to a new machine. It can still be reached at mume.org.
Its new IP address is
6 November 2011 MUME has moved to a new machine. It can still be reached at mume.org.
Its new IP address is
11 August 2004 Thanks to all of our players who contributed with their donations MUME is running on a new machine since Mar 13 2004!
Further donations will be used to pay for future upgrades, repairs, and possible hosting costs.
23 January 2004 MUME needs a new machine! Hence we have started a donation process.
21 January 2004 MUME is again reachable at mume.org! Btw, MUME proudly reached its twelfth birthday!
14 January 2002 MUME VIII released!
MUME proudly reached its tenth birthday.
11 September 2001 MUME's web site redesign is almost completed. Some new pages:
29 August 2001 While MUME approaches its tenth birthday its web site has (finally) gone under redesign!
25 August 2001 Updated the links section.
27 June 2001 New board: FAQ.
11 April 2000 The results of the latest MUME questionnaire are available here!

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4 February 2000 Fixed the Site Search and the Web Statistics (a y2k bug! indeed!).
18 January 2000 New boards: Free People Chronicles and Orkish Drumlore
17 January 2000 The Starter's Board (newbie info) and the Tales Board (MUME fun) are also available.
15 January 2000 The News Board, announcing the game news, is now available on the web site.
11 April 1999 MUME VII Released!
Web site modifications.
2 February 1999 Added a Java MUD Client.
23 September 1998 Added some frequentation plots and a newcomers page.
5 March 1998 New area: Download.
Updated the Links area.
First and second questionnaire results.
18 January 1998 MUME has left the EPFL that hosted it for 5 years and has moved to its new p300 provided by pvv.org in Norway.

MUME is now open 24h/24.

1 January 1998 MUME has left its old machine… A very temporary site will soon be available while we wait for pvv.org to provide a new homeland…

Happy New Year!

3 December 1997 In order to find out the requisites needed for a new site… we now compute MUME's Bandwith usage.
20 November 1997 MUME will leave EPFL at the end of this year.
In the meantime, it is opened from 5pm to 7am on weekdays.
19 November 1997 Global power down at the EPFL. MUME's machine did not like it at all…
9 October 1997 Oops. The helps and the rules were not available… Fixed.
7 October 1997 Added a links subsection.
30 September 1997 Added a maps subsection.
15 September 1997 MUME's machine has been spanked and the game is back!
14 September 1997 MUME's machine is unreachable for the week-end.
Hopefully it will be sorted out on Monday…

Last updated October 2021.