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MUME has been around a number of years and has a lot of interesting features. It has thousands of rooms, covering the Blue Mountains in the west, the Grey Havens, Bree, the Shire, Fornost in the north, Tharbad in the south, Rivendell, the Misty Mountains, the Carrock and Lórien to the east. There are other places such as the dreaded Mines of Moria, the Orc Caves, the dark and ancient Old Forest, the forest of Mirkwood, the mysterious forest Fangorn and the Troll Warrens.

You can meet a lot of interesting people, such as the elves Cirdan, Elrond, Arwen, Celeborn or Galadriel, the leader of the Istari-Council Saruman, the mean trolls Bill, Bert and Tom or you can just buy a beer in Barliman's famous Inn. The mysterious Tom Bombadil sings his songs in the Old Forest, in which Old Man Willow has taken its roots long ago. And deep down in the earth, in the deepest mines of Moria, you may find a horror that was forgotten a long time ago. You will also meet many others from whom you heard the one or other tale or who are new to you.

You also can solve many quests. You can open ancient dwarven tombs or help a poor shopkeeper find something he lost, defeat fearsome enemies and search for ancient lore. Explore long forgotten towers and hidden places or just lean back with a good beer and listen to the one or other story, told by one of the storytellers.

Players can choose among several different races, each with some unique characteristics. The races are separated into three striving factions. Dwarves, Elves, Half-Elves, Hobbits and Men — among them are the shapeshifting Beornings — are eternally at war with the Orcs, Trolls and Black Númenóreans. Moreover, the orkish tribe of the Zaugurz is trying to expand its territory at the expense of the Tarkhnarb Orcs of Goblin Gate. Most of this conflict takes place to the east and south of the town of Bree, but rare raids or solitary agents of the Red Eye have made it to as far west as the Dwarven homes in the Blue Mountains.

The following is a brief list of some features of MUME, and some are mentioned in HELP ADVANCED.

The command map shows an overview of the area of Arda in MUME. There is a symbol list in 'HELP MAP' on how it is properly read. The command map darkness will show the area Sauron is affecting with his darkness.
view war and view warlords can be used to view the results of the war between the free folk and the forces of the Red Eye. A player of the free folk killing another of the free folk is possible, but can lead to very serious results. Read rules pkilling and rules sauron's list to learn what might happen.
MUME has a detailed weather system: local events can affect the global weather. Bodies of water and height can affect the weather in your area. Large fog banks are possible, depending on the temperature and other factors. Type weather global, weather local, and weather fog to see the weather.
These are people who have chosen to undertake the "Istari Quest" and try to become an Ainu. They help low level characters (usually 1-4) advance in levels and answer questions on how MUME works. who istar will show if any of these players are currently on.
This is a command showing all the beings you have killed. As you kill more of a creature you learn less fighting it, as it becomes easier to predict and therefore get less experience from it.
Travel points (tps) are gained by going to areas that no one else has been to for a while. This is promote adventuring to new areas, since you need a certain amount of tps per level. Check levels, stat and info to see how many you need.
Town (like Bree) or regions (like the Shire) rigidly enforce certain laws. This could include not killing local citizens, not wielding a weapon without permission, or not casting spells in the area under these laws. People who break the law can be reported with complain in the proper place, and then asked by guards to follow them to jail for a time. Read justice for help on this.
Players can mix herbs to create useful potions, deadly poisons, food, or other things. They can be made if you have the herbs and a herbal kit to mix them in. The formulas can be found by finding written recipes or by being taught them.
Butchering is a way to use a knife to recover useful items from the corpse of a game animal you have killed: meat (you might want to cook it on a pan before eating it), a pelt or fur you can sell… Butchering, and fishing with a fishing pole, are ways to produce food while you are out in the wilderness.
Items that have become worn such as a dented piece of armor can be taken to an appropriate shopkeeper and fixed using the MEND command. It is much cheaper to buy a used piece of equipment and mend it than to buy a brand new piece of equipment. Pieces of equipment that fit someone of Hobbit size can also be refitted to your size using MEND.
It is possible to ride some animals in MUME. By learning the RIDE skill you will be able to ride easier and fall off less often. Some creatures that can be ridden are mules, pack horses, Rohirrim warhorses, and — for Orcs — hungry wargs.
Artefacts are unique, temporary relics of the glorious First Age that may only be owned by one person at a time. They are extremely powerful and are a privilege to temporarily posses, however briefly it may be.
Homes may be bought by legendary characters among the Free People of Arda. Customize and furnish your home and allow your friends to visit.
There are many other features that make MUME an interesting experience. This is not intended to be a complete list, but to provide some fun things to try out.


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