Undertakings by the MUME Community

The Community

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ElvenRunes is the big MUME community. It features a forum, rateable logs, and other things.

Please note ER is not managed by MUME management, so we cannot create you accounts there. Please ask the ER-staff via email for support, administration, and accounts.

Check out our official Wiki for tipps, hints, and all sorts of useful information. Feel free to make the Wiki even more useful (as that is what a Wiki is for).
MUME Discord Server
Discord chat room run by MUME players.
Offical Forum

Our Official Forum for questions and more. Most other activity of the community these days happens at elvenrunes.com.

You can log into the forum with your existing MUME-characters, no registration is required.


Mapping programs let you play MUME with a visibal representation of the game as layered 2D-map. It's pretty impressive and some mappers allow you do show more information as well, as water sources, shops, and whatnot. They allow instant mapping while you play as well!

Please note these programs are neither written nor maintained by MUME management.

MUMErs on Facebook
A Facebook group created by players for all the MUMErs on Facebook.

Last updated August 2020.