Information for Newcomers

Welcome to MUME

What you find on this page is an extension of the documentation available in-game. This page features several tutorials to aide you, our newest player, in navigating MUME.

Complete Beginners

If you are new to Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs), the precursors to MMORPGs, we strongly recommend that you to read the following essential knowledge to help you navigate and survive Middle-earth. Once you have completed reading the above subjects, then please proceed onwards to the advanced subjects.

Advanced Subjects

If you have played other MUDs before but are new to MUME, you can skip ahead to read about MUME’s unique features here: If you have not done so yet, check out the tutorials for more survival tips.


There are two tutorials that are available. If you prefer text over video then you can read a complete sample MUME session. Otherwise, scroll down and watch the YouTube tutorial.

Quick tips for watching the videos:

  • Watch in fullscreen and high quality; otherwise the text is hard to see
  • Confirm that annotations are enabled (the boxes of text that pop up throughout the videos)
  • Pause and review specific commands as needed!

You can switch videos in the playlist with the hamburger menu at the top right corner or watch them on YouTube instead.

Please contact us in game if you have any comments!

Last updated February 2021.