State of the war

Warlords Hall of Fame

Armies of the West Forces of the Dark Lord
Rank Name Race Class Rank Name Race Class
1 LáminëNoldorinWitch 1 AkhâsBlack NúmenóreanWanderer
2 EoloSilvanRanger 2 ZûdTarkhnarbMountaineer
3 ChazanDwarvenPriest 3 VërienBlack NúmenóreanWitch
4 MandusaDúnadanAdventurer 4 OedipusBlack NúmenóreanRanger
5 BrennyDwarvenHero 5 CyndaneBlack NúmenóreanWanderer
6 SuaveDwarvenRanger 6 ItzîtTarkhnarbShaman
7 IshmalHalf-elvenHero 7 EpicTarkhnarbNecromancer
8 QuintusNoldorinHero 8 BegundalTarkhnarbFighter
9 BurkDwarvenMountaineer 9 SheldonBlack NúmenóreanRanger
10 OcultoStoorHunter 10 SumbaBlack NúmenóreanEnvoy

War status

The armies of the West prevail over the forces of the Dark Lord.
Fighting has been limited to a few skirmishes.
A few noted officers of the Dark Lord were boldly slain, latest kill being 9 days ago.
A few soldiers of the West were boldly slain, latest kill being 11 days ago.

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