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Date:Sat Feb 4 16:08:28 2006

The following changes have been made to climbing:

- In general, succeeding in "hard" climbs has become more difficult.
  There are now some climbs that even with 100% skill can be a challenge.

- If you fail a climb attempt, MUME will calculate from which height you fell,
  which in turn determines the actual damage. As a consequence,

  - If you are very unskilled and try to climb up a cliff, you will fall from
    a small height and suffer little damage. Being slightly more skilled,
    but not skilled enough to make it to the top, might actually result in
    a longer fall (and in higher damage).

  - When climbing down, the situation is the opposite: if you are unskilled,
    you are more likely to fall from the top, taking maximum damage; if you
    are more skilled but still fail, the fall will be shorter.

  - On average, climbing down is more dangerous than climbing up.

- You can now check how hard a climb would be, and how much you might get hurt
  by falling from close to the top: for example,

    >look up
    The ascent ahead seems quite difficult to climb, while falling down might
    inflict some pain.

  Please note that difficulty and damage messages are relative to your current
  skill and hit points.

  In some rooms, the static exit description might describe a fall as "hard"
  when in fact it is easy for you; in this case please report this as a typo.

- In order to prevent nasty surprises, MUME will require you to confirm the
  climb attempt if the chance of failure or the potential damage are high
  (again, compared to your situation).

    The ascent ahead seems quite difficult to climb, while falling down might
    inflict some pain.
    If you still want to try, you must 'climb' there.

    >climb up
    You failed to climb there and fall down, hurting yourself.

    HP:Fine>climb up
    Top of the Cliff

- Climbing with a tied rope works exactly like before (automatic success)

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