This is the list of all game commands:

!               cou(gh)       her(blores)  pr(actice)  sp(it)
'               cov(er)       hic(cup)     pray        spa(nk)
,               cr(y)         hin(ts)      pro(tect)   sq(ueeze)
-               cri(nge)      his(tory)    puk(e)      st(and)
?               cru(sh)       hit          pul(l)      stag(ger)
a(ssist)        cu(ddle)      hk(iss)      pun(ch)     star(e)
ab(andon)       cur(tsey)     ho(wl)       pur(sue)    stat
ac(cuse)        curs(e)       hol(d)       purr        ste(al)
acco(unt)       cut           hop          pus(h)      sto(mp)
ach(ievements)  d(own)        hu(g)        puz(zled)   str(ut)
act(s)          da(nce)       hum          q(ui)       su(lk)
ad(monish)      dar(e)        i(nventory)  qua(ff)     sug(gest)
ado(re)         day(dream)    id(ea)       que(sts)    sw(im)
ag(ree)         de(mand)      ig(nore)     quit        sy(mpathize)
al(ias)         dec(apitate)  inf(o)       r(est)      t(ell)
ap(ologise)     di(sengage)   inn(ocent)   ra(ise)     ta(ste)
app(laud)       dic(tionary)  ins(ult)     rea(d)      tac(kle)
appr(eciate)    dim           j(ustice)    reb(orn)    tai(l)
ask             disa(gree)    k(ill)       rec(ite)    tak(e)
b(ackstab)      dism(ount)    ke(ep)       reco(ver)   tap
bab(ble)        dr(ink)       kic(k)       rel(ieve)   tau(nt)
bad(ger)        dra(w)        kis(s)       rem(ove)    tea(ch)
ban(dage)       drag          kn(ock)      ren(t)      teas(e)
bans(ite)       drai(n)       l(ook)       rep(ly)     th(reaten)
bas(h)          dro(p)        la(ugh)      repo(rt)    tha(nk)
be(ckon)        droo(l)       lab(el)      resc(ue)    thi(nk)
bee(p)          du(ck)        lag          rese(t)     thu(mbs)
beg             e(ast)        le(ad)       ret(urn)    ti(me)
bi(te)          eat           lear(n)      rev(eal)    tic(kle)
bl(ink)         ed(it)        leav(e)      ri(de)      tie
bla(me)         em(ote)       lev(els)     ro(ar)      til(t)
ble(ed)         emb(race)     li(st)       rol(l)      tip
blo(w)          emp(ty)       lic(k)       ru(ffle)    tr(ack)
blu(sh)         en(ter)       lig(ht)      rul(es)     trai(n)
bo(unce)        eq(uipment)   lin(k)       s(outh)     tro(phy)
boa(rd)         es(cape)      liste(n)     sa(y)       tw(iddle)
bog(gle)        ex(its)       loa(d)       sad(dle)    ty(po)
bon(k)          exa(mine)     loc(k)       sal(ute)    u(p)
bor(ed)         f(lee)        lov(e)       sc(ore)     un(lock)
bow             fa(rt)        m(ap)        sca(lp)     unc(over)
br(ag)          fai(nt)       mar(k)       scou(t)     unk(eep)
bri(be)         faq           mas(sage)    scr(eam)    unloa(d)
bu(y)           fi(ll)        me(tamorph)  se(ll)      unm(ark)
bug             fla(me)       men(d)       sea(rch)    uns(addle)
bui(ld)         flex          mi(x)        sh(oot)     us(e)
bur(p)          fli(p)        mil(k)       sha(ke)     v(alue)
burn            flu(sh)       mo(an)       she(athe)   vi(ew)
bury            fo(llow)      mu(tter)     shi(ver)    w(est)
but(cher)       for(give)     n(orth)      shou(t)     wa(ke)
c(ast)          forw(ard)     na(rrate)    shr(ug)     wat(ch)
cac(kle)        fr(own)       ne(ws)       si(gh)      wav(e)
cal(l)          fre(nch)      ni(bble)     sin(g)      wea(r)
cam(p)          frol(ic)      nod          sip         weat(her)
cat(chup)       fu(me)        nu(zzle)     sit         wh(o)
ch(uckle)       g(et)         o(pen)       sl(eep)     whe(re)
cha(nge)        ga(sp)        of(fer)      sla(p)      whet
char(ge)        ges(ture)     or(der)      sm(ile)     whi(sper)
che(er)         gi(ggle)      p(ut)        smir(k)     whin(e)
cho(ke)         giv(e)        pa(t)        sn(uggle)   whist(le)
cl(ose)         gl(are)       pac(e)       sna(rl)     whoi(s)
cla(p)          gr(oup)       pe(er)       snap        wi(eld)
cli(mb)         gri(n)        pi(ck)       sne(eze)    wig(gle)
co(mfort)       groa(n)       pit(y)       snea(k)     win(k)
comb            grov(el)      po(ur)       sni(cker)   wo(rship)
comm(ent)       grow(l)       poi(son)     snif(f)     wr(ite)
comp(are)       gru(mble)     poin(t)      sno(re)     y(awn)
compl(ain)      h(ide)        pok(e)       snow(ball)  ye(ll)
con(sider)      ha(ng)        pon(der)     snuf(f)     yo(del)
coo(k)          he(lp)        pout         sob         

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