(Warrior Skill) [Delayed Command]

The success of a bash depends upon how well you are learned, as well as on your offensive bonus and the victim's defence. To bash someone is to attempt to 'knock' that person over. If you succeed you will inflict minor damage and cause the victim to fall on the rear. The victim will be unable to issue any commands or do damage in combat for a short period of time; he will, however, be able to parry or dodge hits. If you miss, you lose your balance and fall.

Note that a person bashed is sitting and has less dodge. This will only apply to the first hit the bashed person receives.

It is possible to bash either with a shield or with a two handed weapon, or with your hands if you are a Troll or a Bear.

If you have high strength, bash can also be used to break down some doors. Unlike for bashing an opponent, in this case your current mood has no influence on your chance of success.

An option is to 'bash disengage <name>'. If successful, the victim stops fighting and just sits on the ground for a short period of time.

NOTE: You can bash any enemy that is engaged to you. This will not cause you to switch target as kill or hit would.


bash bear
bash door
bash dis elf

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