After the first few centuries of the Third Age, the first city and capital of the Dunedain kingdom of Arnor was Fornost. It was a powerful and important city, and came under attack from the Witch-king of Angmar. Finally, in 1974 the armies of the Witch-king took Fornost and destroyed much of it. It was reclaimed the following year, yet the ruined city was deserted and its people scattered and the Royal Court mostly destroyed.

Fornost later became a notable ruin on the Great North-South Road, which had many years ago been a great highway between the glorious capital of Arnor and the capital of Gondor, Minas Tirith.

MUME's Fornost

A few hundred years after the wars with Angmar, settlers returned to the ruined city, and started rebuilding parts of it. Most of the excellence in masonry and other crafts forgotten by then, the reborn city is not by far equal to its predecessor in beauty and might.

Until present date, about half the original city has been reinhabitated, protected by a wooden palisade from the haunts of the ruined western part.

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