A number of quests of varying complexity are available within the game. You can find quests by walking around, keeping your eyes open and talking to NPCs that look interested in talking with you.

Quests may be repeatable or not; quests may be timed or not; some quests once failed may be attempted again immediately while others requires the NPC to forget about you, which may take a very long time.

You can keep track of your active and completed quests by using your Quest Log. As you find more and more characters that require your aid in various matters, you will take notes that you can reference in the future in case you forget what you're trying to accomplish.

You can list the quests in an area with 'QUESTS <area>' and read the info about a specific quest with 'QUESTS <name>'. The area and quest names may be abbreviated for convenience.

In addition to this, you can use 'QUESTS in <area>' or 'QUESTS <name> in <area>' in case there are quests and areas with similar names or quests in different areas with similar names.


  > quests eriador

This will list your quests in Eriador.

  > quests lost daughter

Display the quest text for the quest 'lost daughter'.

  > que lo da in eri

Display the quest 'lost daughter' in the 'Eriador' area, using abbreviations.

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