Since players get to choose their own stats (these days) full rerolls are generally not given.

Limited Rerolls

However, if you retire for a while, you will be able to obtain a limited reroll by typing reroll before leaving the halls of retirement. In limited rerolls, you can change a few of your stats by a little - but not to make drastic changes, like turning a spellcaster into a warrior.

Non-legend characters can reroll after 31 days in retirement. Legend characters can reroll after a RL year in retirement.

Full Rerolls

The exception for the rule that full rerolls are generally not given is that characters who retired before the 1st October 2008 can obtain a full reroll. Furthermore, during July 2014 you can use up to 5 Full Rerolls. See news 2463.

Note: The July 2014 Reroll is taking precende over those you get from being retired before 2008. If you do not want to void a nice reroll- token, you should not reroll characters that are qualified by having been retired before Oct 2008!!! To execute this reroll walk to the pool room - all east from the room you appear in - and swim in it.

  > swim pool

If you are entitled to the reroll you will be forever until you leave the retirement. Please note that no reimbursements for leaving before taking the reroll will be given!

To Know

Note that if you change your stats, your age will probably change as well, since start age is a function of your stats, and your actual age is calculated as birth age + delta, where the delta is kept constant when you reroll.

Rerolling will automatically give you a reset of practices as well.

You must obtain your rerolls before leaving the Halls of Retirement or you void being entitled to them!


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