MUME IX: Summary of Changes

During the many years since MUME VIII, a great number of additions were made to MUME.


With the launch of MUME IX, two new areas were opened. The first of these was the rebuild of the Bree-land, from Bree-hill to Fornost, including the town of Bree itself. The other new area was rebuild of the southern half of the Ancient Broken Road, which added not only the road itself, but dangerous goblin hideouts, monstrous snow giants, and hidden treasures deep beneath the Misty Mountains.

The game world has increased in size by 40% during the last twenty years from roughly 20k rooms in 2002 to 28k rooms in 2022. Simply put, a staggering number of areas have been opened for exploration since MUME VIII:


The Dwarves were given the choice to join one of the Dwarven Houses: the Longbeards, Firebeards, or Broadbeams. The Firebeards and Broadbeams built the two Dwarven cities in the Blue Mountains, Nogrod and Belegost. Durin’s Folk, also known as the Longbeards, built Khazad-dûm, later known as Moria.

On the other side of the war, the Uruk-Tarkhnarb were joined by fierce Uruk-Morruhk tribe and brought their own set of features to Sauron’s minions.

Additionally, a number of new features were added to existing subraces to make the characters more powerful. Up until MUME IX’s launch, new subrace features exist for: Subraces have also been made more differentiated across the races in a more superficial manner. The height and weight of a subrace is no longer the same across a race. Characters have been rescaled to match lore with many becoming much taller.

Skills and Spells

A new healing spell was added to Orc Shamans, Energy Drain. A very mana-efficient healing spell which requires the death of an unfortunate victim to drain healing energy from.

In the year before, Dark Oath was introduced as a unique skill for Black Númenóreans. Other spells and skills added were Smother, Cure Disease and Call Familiar.

Other Features Introduced in the Years Leading up to MUME IX



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