Salazár Interview

Salazár the Forester is a level one hundred Dúnadan Hero

Race: Dúnadan
Class: Ranger

Special note: As of now, Salazár is the character with the shortest MUME playing time to reach level 100: 2 months!

Reference stats:

Base abilities: Str:15 Int:17 Wis:14 Dex:12 Con:18 Wil:12 Per:11.
Base abilities: Str:19 Int:18 Wis:14 Dex:12 Con:20 Wil:13 Per:10.

Give a brief description of your char?

A high hp, semihigh defence, pounding mage.
How would you summarize the career of your char, how did it all happen?
I was demoted unfairly by Námo and didn't feel like playing my old chars. Made Salazár as somewhat a copy of Zack but as a man, didn't work out so good when I tried to be a basher. Too low strength... but still exped it to 50 as a warrior. After that I mostly played with staff.
What was characteristic to your career, were you especially known of something specific, or did you have some favourite tactics? Did you have somekind of eras distinctive of each other, favourite group mates, etc?
I mostly played in a group of three. I think the one I grouped the most with must Be Kaka and maybe Miltar. I like highlevel puke clerics as they are so terribly overpowered :)
When I had both of them following me and praced as a warrior around level 70-75 everything who failed 2 flees died and most that failed one flee died :p
What was the one thing you loved in your char that made you play it all the way?
The ability to lead and tank very well while still being able to nuke and quake things. However I failed to get 5 quakes even at level 100 :(
Describe the best, the worst, and the funniest memory you have with this char?
Three worst memories: bug-mobrip at kraken due to a bug (of course not reimbursed) then right after that while re-equipping I meet a level 27 orc, Ygramul who I block in and fight in sewers. But I lose the fight being level 65 or something. He warlorded and I left number one for the first time in a long time. I got him later with defence and reclaimed my spot though. And then also the time when I failed 15+ flees to Muranog sancted and mobdied. Not sure which's the funniest or best memory though.

Each level 100 character is asked to present one question to other club 100 members. Kindly submit your question here, and answer to it by yourself too.

Question by Salazár: Why's there barely any players playing now?
Because too many pukes were influenced by Elestir. And also the lack of movement up there in the management. If they had passed on the responsibility earlier To people who were active and actually working on it we would have alot more people playing now. As it is now it's going to be dead by Christmas. Sadly.
This interview was done in October 2010 by Antti.

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