Ypsilon Interview

Ypsilon the Still Wind of the Underdark is a level one hundred Noldorin Quickblade

Race: Elf, Noldo
Class: Thief

Special note: The first white-side character to reach level 100!

Give a brief description of your char (free format telling, class-wise, choice of weapons, style-wise, any other information you wish to include)?

Back then BRD was the main weapon and Sting on happy days.
How would you summarize the career of your char, how did it all happen?
Hard grinding and crying blood on mobdeaths and more grinding thereafter :D
What was characteristic to your career, were you especially known of something specific, or did you have some favourite tactics?
Obviously it wasn't a well-known fact (only known by a few friends), but I used to steal a lot from careless players and Rivendell jeweller as long as it worked out... call it thief RP ;)
Did you have somekind of eras distinctive of each other?
I started out as an elf archer. Midlevels (20 to ~50) I was a sneaking warrior with warsword. As I didn't have big lab and was more a solo person, then respeccing to thief was inevitable. Turned to the dark side also for quite some time somewhere in 40-80, as good mobs were super exp and new trophy entries. Wasn't exactly a big PK player, but got few kills here and there and even managed to get to #1 warlord once or twice. Most exp was done in Moria I think.
Favourite group mates, etc?
Ivo (Donald/Kozlor) and on earlier days Taavi (Tsort) when he was still more active.
What was the one thing you loved in your char that made you play it all the way?
Sneaking, backstabbing...

Also the lvl 100 race in the end ... which I won on the white side!

Describe the best, the worst, and the funniest memory you have with this char?
That was too long time ago, I can't remember any specific moments.

Each level 100 character is asked to present one question to other club 100 members. Kindly submit your question here, and answer to it by yourself too.

- Question by Ypsilon: What did you do after reaching lvl 100? After quitting MUME? Any new "poisons" to your life?
After I reached lvl 100, for me the game was "completed". So I pretty much ended playing it. First attempt in university failed during MUME period, but I don't blame MUME for this at all. So after MUME I went into college and finished it. Played EVE onling during that for few years. Some time went for Magic: the Gathering (TCG). Have been playing WoW since few weeks before WotLK expansion and waiting now Cataclysm expansion.
- Question by Staub: If you could start all over again, would you? and what would you do differently?
Probably yes to first part (when it were to take place at the same time few decades back, when internet was still young). And differently? I would have went more to those MUME-meetings, specially to those out of Estonia.
- Question by Vardamir: When did you start to play this game and how come you started?
Too long time ago to remember perfectly. But I think when I was some annoying teen (14-15), which was then 1993-1994.
- Question by Salazár: Why there are barely any players playing MUME nowadays?
No clue. Probably lack of visuals scares a lot of new people off.
When was the primary playing period irl of this char?
Age 14 to 24?
What is your relationship with MUME nowadays?
None. I didn't even know MUME still existed.
How do you see MUME now compared to what it was back then?
Any hints, advices, greetings to MUME community?
Greetz to all who still remember me ;-)
Other characters you have:

Name Rce Lvl Logon Area Rent Delete

Oceanborn, Tha, Draglador, Draconis, Rästik, Buzdum, Falenor, Pagan, Draggy, Drax, Zax

Real life name and nationality: ?
Priit, estonian.
This interview was done in October 2010 by Antti.

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