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The Quendi (Q. "those who speak with voices"), or Elves, are the first-born of Eru's children (the second being Men). Born before the Sun, they worship Varda, the creator of the stars.

Discovered by Oromë, the Elves were led west to Valinor. However, not all joined this long journey. Those who did are known as the Eldar (Q. "people of the stars"), while the others are known as the Avari (Q. "the unwilling").

There are three groups of Eldar. The Vanyar, led by Ingwë, high king of all Elves, were first to reach Aman, and all remained there. The Noldor, led by Finwë, were the second. They also all reached Aman, but after the theft of the Silmarils, some returned to Middle-earth to battle Morgoth.

Of the third group, the Teleri (led by the brothers Olwë and Elwë), only some reached Aman. Some remained on the shores of the Belegaer in Beleriand, and are known as the Sindar, while some abandoned the march already east of the Misty Mountains, and they are known as the Nandor.

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