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When all was a great void, the Ainulindale speaks of an omnipotent Being who lived alone in this vast emptiness. He was called Eru the One, or as the Elves would later call him, Ilúvatar.

Through His elemental thoughts, life was given to the first race of gods called the Ainur, the Holy Ones. Through the power of His spirit, this race was given eternal life. For the Ainur He built a place in the void, the Timeless Halls. Here He taught them to sing, and they became a vast heavenly choir. Through their songs guided by Ilúvatar, was created a Vision of a globed world which whirled into the Void.

Each of the Ainur had a part in this vision, yet one named Melkor sang of strife and pain. Ilúvatar spoke the word, and the World That Is, , was created. Into that world descended the Ainur, to shape its seas and mountains, deserts and oceans.

However, as there was discord in the music of the Ainur, there was in the creation of Arda. The First War was fought, and the harmony was broken. Arda was left scarred and torn, and the ideal world they had envisioned was forever lost.

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