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Mallorn, plural mellyrn.

A species of tree native to the forest of Lothlórien and found nowhere else in Middle-earth. The bark of the mellyrn is smooth and silvery-grey, and the leaves are pale green above and silver beneath. In the autumn the leaves fall not, but turn to gold, and in the spring the mellyrn bear golden blossom in clusters like a cherry, which bloom through the summer. As soon as the flowers open, the leaves fall, so that through spring and summer a mallorn grove is carpeted and roofed with gold, but its pillars are of grey silver. The fruit of mallorn is a nut with a silver shale.

Mellyrn were brought from Eressëa to Eldalondë in Númenor, and from Númenor to Middle-earth where they were grown in Lothlórien. Elves of Lothlórien dwelt in the branches of mellyrn on wooden platforms called 'talan' (plural telain), or 'flet'.

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