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We want the world to expand, to the benefit of players and gods alike. Players having reached Immortality are encouraged to help building the world.

New gods will normally have to complete a testarea and/or perform some preliminary work, such as proofreading, before being able to build their own new zone.

Our conditions:

You should have good knowledge of Tolkien's world and the general spirit of his works - after all, this is what MUME is all about! Furthermore, we appreciate imagination and a creative mind, and that you can produce reasonably good English prose, with some attention to grammar and spelling.

MUME provides on-line building of rooms, objects and mobiles with special commands.

MUME also has a powerful programming language built-in, mudlle, that lets the higher Gods write and test special procedures on the fly. Mudlle has been developed by Nada, and is a unique MUME feature.

See also: VIEW, MUDLLE

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