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Credit is an Uruk-Zaugurz system for rewarding those who donate to the war effort of the tribe. In order to obtain credit, equipment is sent up north using the cart in the Zaugurz caves. The amount of credit rewarded is dependent on the value of the equipment being carted. Bulgôtha can be asked to give information on the current credit with the northern output. Credit is ranked according to categories such as these.

  In the north they had assumed that you had died.
  The garbage that you have sent is not fit to give to our slaves.
  Your contributions are remembered, but not that well.
  Even now our craftsmen are preparing your rewards.
  The chieftain himself will send some of his own possessions to your aid.
  At your bidding, we will slay some of the weak and what they own we shall
    send to you.
  The riches of the Zaugurz, such as they are, are yours to command.
Credit is used when requesting equipment (i.e draughts) from the northern output utilizing the cart.

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