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[Instant Command]

Walking about a town with your weapon drawn might draw unwanted attention from the guards. Play safe, keep your weapon sheathed.

Wearing a sheath, you can use the commands draw and sheathe. Both commands can optionally be followed by the sheath you want to use. E.g., draw harness could draw a big twohanded sword, while draw sheath could make you use your little longsword.


  > draw sheath           (would make you draw the weapon in the sheath)
  > sheathe harness       (would make you sheathe your weapon in the harness)
You can also draw bows you are wearing (across your back for example) with draw <bow> and weapons in inventory or sheaths with draw <weapon>.

If you're wielding a weapon when trying to draw a new one, the wielded one will be automatically sheathed if there is a free sheath, or hung on your back if applicable (for bows). If that is impossible, it will be put in your inventory.

See also: WIELD

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