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After wear and tear, your equipment will probably begin to become less effective. For instance, your prize enchanted longsword becomes dented. To restore it to its former glory, simply go to a shop that would sell such an object (e.g. a weaponsmith for a sword) and the shopkeeper will mend it for a small charge. The shopkeepers can also make your over/undersized equipment fit you (See help resize). It is not possible to mend a brand new or already completely fixed equipment.

Mending works like this:

  • You pay in advance.
  • You mend items, and the shopkeeper remembers who you are. The items are finished in a couple of hours game time (about two minutes RL).
  • If you are in the room when the shopkeeper is done, you will get the item immediately.
    • If you are not there, you have eight minutes RL to show up to get the item, otherwise it will be put up for sale.

      I.e., from the moment you start mending until the item is put up for sale automatically, it takes 10 minutes.

  • You automatically get the item when you enter the shop, or if you are in the shop, when it is done.
  • If you don't trust your link: stay in the room.
  • If you rent and come back, you will not get back the item.
  • If you are sneaking, hidden, or shrouded, or if there is some other reason he cannot see you, you will not get back the item.
  • If the game crashes or reboots, you will lose your item.
The shopkeeper continues mending even after the shop is closed, so you should not wait until morning before coming back (then it might be too late).

Old receipts will be served until futher notice.

Some people may be able to mend equipment themselves, if they have the necessary tools to do so.


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